Exposed: Concerted Effort by Establishment to Steal Ron Paul

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  1. Doug Wead, a New York Times best selling author and a senior adviser for the Ron Paul presidential campaign, writes on his blog today that Alex Hayes, director of establishment Republicans in Washington State, made the claim that the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns are pushing a common slate of candidates in Washington State to block Ron Paul’s campaign from taking delegates.
    “The apparent move on the part of the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns is to block citizens favoring Ron Paul from taking over the Washington State delegation to Tampa,” Wead writes.
    Ron Paul has gained delegates at the expense of both Romney and Santorum. “States such as Missouri, where Senator Santorum won a meaningless beauty contest, will see a sizable Ron Paul representation, as will Minnesota, Maine, Colorado, Nevada and Iowa. In Nevada, on the first ballot, the delegates, even if Ron Paul supporters, must vote for candidates proportionately as they finished in the Nevada Statewide beauty contest. But they can vote their conscience on the second ballot,” Doug Wead explains.
    Over the weekend, a video emerged showing how establishment Republicans in Missouri connived to rob Ron Paul of delegates:

    Hard to watch...
  2. this was posted a short while ago but ya its fucked
  3. Are y'all prepared to protest for the constitution? I hope I am when the time comes.

    Are y'all prepared to pick up arms if civil war breaks out?
  4. Um.. civil war?

    No. It'll be the state vs the people. Not state vs state. lulz
  5. [quote name='"LSYouTiger"']Are y'all prepared to protest for the constitution? I hope I am when the time comes.

    Are y'all prepared to pick up arms if civil war breaks out?[/quote]

    Revolution not civil.

  6. A civil war is war within a country. State vs. State, state vs. Federal government...

    Either way, war is possible.
  7. I hope the Hunger Games pans out and makes questioning the actions of the government popular and see more people waking up to the gravity of the situations.

  8. I thought of a movie plot to further those feelings of revolutions. It would e one where the government overpowers the people and the young populations works to fight it. Like people in their prime. These people would use what they have and own to fight the government. Like rich people in big cities could find the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries could by supplies and use their own vehicles. Lifted trucks would do well in boggy areas and running trough police blockages. Sportscars could be used to quickly get a unit into an area before opposition can prepare.

    It would be a movie but it would motivate people on how it would be possible to fight a government. That way if it happens, we will know what to do.

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