Explaining How venting works?

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  1. I read the sticky above and got alot of answers answered. But Iam still a little lost. I am going to have a grow box 4'x'4'x2' and I dont understand how to get air in? clean the air (make it not smell) and get it out.? im sorry for being a noob im just a little lost. Thanks,
  2. 4x4x2=32 cubic feet in your grow

    you have to remove the air in the grow space three times in one minute so X3=96 CFM rated fan

    and if you add a carbon scrubber you multiply that number by 2 for air restriction on the fan so X2=192 CFM RATED FAN

    Active Air In-Line Fans - Greners.com

    here's a inline fan.... gonna have to go with the six.. would have recommended it anyway(fan speed controller, a must have)...

    you would use this fan to duct your hot air(air at the top of your grow space) out of your box and away from your grow area, sometimes this is done by pushing the air to the attic or outside threw a window.

    you would also use the same ducting to connect to the light if your using a HPS, MH or HID light
  3. I am using CLF's is it the same? and that fan is really intense, can I use the little 4 inch cpu fans? Thanks,

  4. If you can find one that moves 192CFM's
  5. Or two computer fans that move 100 CFM's

    Disclaimer. I am also assuming your using a carbon scrubber
  6. I am, how would I rig the scrubber to two exhust fans?
  7. Make two scrubbers
  8. Ok man sounds good, thanks for the help

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