Explain what a bad excasty trip is like?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xxjon, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. can anyone explain what its like and how bad it is, and compare it to trippin out on weed
  2. bad and ecstasy? Never heard of using those in the same sentence. Man you won't have a bad time on it thats why its called ecstasy.
  3. yeah i herd if you dont want to do it but you do it anyways you can trip out bad?
  4. you can have a bad time while high on any drug.

    Take this to pandoras though
  5. a bad e trip is severe depression. if you take it, and you are in a bad mood, or someone tells u something bad, it will bring u down. E makes your happy times awesome, and your sad times awful, although it has been known to turn a sad time into a happy time as well!
  6. if its a decent pill/ pure mdma

    i doubt you could have a bad time.

    if you ended up getting a shit pill that kept you twacked out for 2 days, then yea that would justify a bad trip for me.
  7. non-existent
  8. For some dumb ass reason I took E once before going to a Driver's Ed class.
    I was sitting in the small classroom with some friends (during the middle of winter) and I suddenly started to sweat a shit load.
    I felt sketchy as hell and kept fondling my hair, which was still fun but I basically felt an extreme wave of paranoia for some reason even though I didn't give a shit about my Driver's Ed teacher's opinion.

    That is the closest I can think of with a bad E trip.
    And even that wasn't really that bad.
  9. It's not so much a bad trip as it is just a spooked time, and once you can calm yourself down (isn't that hard) then you'll be fine. As long as your not chillin with drama-setters, you'll be all set, have a great time man!
  10. Yeah, as long as it is a legit pill and your in the right place with the right people ... nothing messing with your mind to bad. You'll almost guaranteed have a perfect night. Make sure you have some weed though, it brings you up again when you start to come down, not to mention it can propel you into your rolling experience.

    I remember the first time I took E.. and I was like how will I know? My girl at the time was just like... you will know. I took a fat rip off my bubbler and I immediately was :eek:.
  11. Well, as for a bad E trip, it rarely happens during the peak of it, but you are MUCH more likely to have a bad trip on MDA/MDEA (stamps) than pure MDMA. A lot of E that goes around nowadays is stamps, and wont give you the degree of empathetic and euphoric effects that MDMA will, hence your chance of if some shit goes wrong your trip might suck.
  12. i say a bad trip on e is getting a non mdma pill
  13. it really doesn't exist lol
  14. i got just worried about something and kinda paranoid once. but it was like the second time i did it and the pill was dirty and my asshole friend pissed me off somehow too. lol
  15. Ehh It's a psycadellic, but it still doesn't affect your brain or thought processes in the same way as, say, LSD. Therefore, a bad trip in that sense is pretty much impossible. You could end up sad or depressed, paranoid, or i suppose possibly pissed.

    It's not much to worry about tho.

  16. I agree completely I've taken E prolly 5 times now and one time I got some pipes, that's a bad experience

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