Expert advice on next grow? - no more couch-lock strains!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jonboy, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Ladies and gents, looking for advice about which strain to grow next. My first 2 grows were from clones and couldn't find out what strain they were, growing white widow at the moment (1 month in, going okay). My problem is where I live there isn't a smoking 'scene'. None of my mates smoke nor my missus so when I do smoke I have to stick to what I grow and never get the opportunity to try different strains. As a result, all the weed I have smoked for the last few years has been very similar to the WW, a heavy body-stoned feeling.

    I need something different next time, to compliment my WW harvest, an alternative to the couch-lock, relaxed high. Can anyone recommend a strain that gives an uplifting cerebral high, I'm thinking energy, clarity, creativity. I find I can't watch movies or hold intelligent conversations with my current stash because I either have the memory of a goldfish or am in the kitchen trying to satisfy the munchies!

    At Paradise Seeds, the strains Sativa Spirit, Rox and Sugar Babe seem to fit the bill. Anyone have any advice about a suitable strain for me or experience with the strains I've mentioned? Thank you.
  2. i hear cinderella-99 is very cerebral almost trippy, although i havent gotten the oppurtunity to try it, friends as well as people on here highly recommend it. good luck bro:smoke:
  3. Any sativa strains such as Haze or Thai should suit your needs...they are total head highs.

    I'd also recommend Kali Mist, Durban Poison or Super Silver Haze especially. Kali Mist is a very early bloomer for a sativa...around 8 weeks flowering, similar to most indicas.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations, plenty for me to research now, will let you know what I go for.

  5. Problem with Cinderalla99 I can't find it with any seed bank. Anyone know where to get it?

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