Experimenting 12/12 start to finish

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  1. Well I started this plant from seedling at 12/12 lighting and to my surprise is growing really healthy during veg stage! Is there any advice or suggestions on a 12/12 grow[​IMG]

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  2. No need to experiment. Plenty of others have logged their results with 12/12 from seed. Do some reading and research and save you self some time and work. 12/12 from seed can work, but it's unpredictable and can really screw you on yields later.

    IME plants should always be mature before flowering. Forcing them into flower soon will not decrease flowering time. If you force a plant into flower 3 weeks before it matures, you're just adding 3 weeks to your total flower time...and most likely sacrificing a bit of yield in the process.

    besides that, looks very healthy. Best of luck with your grow :)
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  3. Some people do it due to space, mainly head room. At 12/12 they dont grow as fast as say 24/0.

    What some people fail to understand and ignore is that a cannabis plant has to be sexually mature to flower (staggerd nodes) and this takes 3 to 5 weeks from seed.

    Can work well in SOG. Especially using clones.
  4. I did some research of 12/12 as well before I did a grow . I didn't really think it was worth it given my situation . If I had to do a stealth grow in a pc box or space bucket I would , but other than that I don't think it's worth it . She does look happy tho . Good luck with your grow .
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  5. The most I've ever yielded starting from 12/12 was an ounce. The smallest amount was about a quad or less.
    It not worth it lol.

    Got a grow journal of it if you want to check it out.
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  6. Looks good ! But you should throw it into veg, get a decent yield with a 6 week veg time. You won't get much with 12/12, but if a ounce or 2 will last you forever you'll save a pretty small amount of electricity I guess :smoking:

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