Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Krypto, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. I was reading lately through the old posts about DXM.I've done forms of dxm before and have my experiences, but I have a question...I was just wondering what everyones experiences were like, what happened,what you felt....This weekend I'm gunna try it again and test some stuff out. But from some people I heard they've had really diffrent experiences and felt diffrent, was just wondering what everyone else felt,so if you could get around to it I'd like to hear your story..

  2. the first time i tried it i felll asleep then when i woke up i saw all these lights. the second time i tried it i went to go see final destination 2 and after that all i remember was that i had no will to live. i was depressed and i couldnt figure out why. it must have been the movie. well at least thats what i think.

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