Experiment gone right...what next?

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  1. Hello all...

    Haven't been in this forum for sometime, seeing as my last attempt to grow went array. However, my most recent greenthumb experiment seems to have so far gone right. I came up on some chron seeds and thought I'd try my hand at another grow. I germinated in wet napkins, and actually waited until the seed pod was completely peeled off and the first two leaves present before I planted. I had 4 seeds going and used some soil I got from the rose bed outfront of my condo and used 14oz plastic cups. I didn't have any lights, so I placed them on my window ledge (i know i know dumb place to put them but no one has a clear eye shot of them) and waited to see what happened. After about a month 2 of the plants fizzeled out, while the other one began producing pods which I took for being a male plant. The fourth continued to grow and eventually grew some hairs out the top which I instantly recognized as a female. It has now been almost three months and my girl is about 8 inches tall and really hairy on top. I have kept her on the window ledge which gets about 6 hours of sun right now. I will be moving soon however, and will have to put her under some lights cause my new place has no covert windows to place her on. Any thoughts as to how much longer I should veg her before flowering? Should I transplant her...if so how and what to use...? When to use nutrients or other grow helpers...Also how much lights does one plant need, and will this cause any shock to convert from sun to lights? Here are some pics...not to clear cause I took them with my phone but you get the idea...thanks for the 411

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  2. those "hairy" things you speak of is bud brother. that is a crazy small plant. kinda cute like a little dog. it will be a great joint man.

  3. Dude you never veged her. At six hours you were still six hours short of what is even necessary for flowering. It is amazing she is still alive. Boy pot is resilient. Anyway, if you want to practice you can transplant her into an 8 inch pot or something. But, I do think that this grow is salvageable. Normally the plant should get 18 hours of light 6 hours of dark for at least a month. Then flowering can be induced by switching to 12 on 12 off. Try giving her some light nutes if you like. Get those that are water soluble for now.

  4. How is it that she is growing buds allready when she hasn't been on the right lights cycles?

  5. Any idea why she has flowered so early? Like I said she is only get direct sunlight for about 6 hours cause she is facing West and gets the noon through evening hour light. What would be the next step...Im trying to get some more pictures of her up to give you a better idea, but to try to describe her, she is really hairy on top and growing some hairs in between the nodes. It has been this way for about 2 weeks. How much longer before she starts producing visible buds, and is there anything I should do in the interim. Should I wait for her to bud before transplanting her? Thanks for the adivce.
  6. that is redicolous like i dont even know bro lol good luck;)

  7. LOL....

    If its only been in flower for 2 weeks.. then you got time to get a little more out of it then you would have.... if you transplant it into a way bigger pot...
  8. those hairs man are the buds. if you want to get her bigger. go buy yourself some flouresent lights and stick her under them for 24 hours a day. you will run the risk of making her hermie but if she hasnt buy now she might not. i have ot tell you though she must be a crazy strong plant. oh and i am not trying ot be rude here, but please do everyone a favor and take the time to do a little reading.
    download this book by greg green. he has a more current version of the book out but you will have to buy it. this is the only exceptible pdf for this book since it is authorized by mr. green. lots of good information.

  9. i know about the resources out there, and i thank you for directing me there way...its just that it seems like my case is some what special and difficult to find explanations for why she is flowering at such a young stage, and with such little light cycles...thanks for your comments...
  10. I'm posting some pics I recently took of this little miracle...she is only about 8 inches tall and I believe the bud (note singular) is ready to be cut but not sure...has any one ever seen a tree (hehehe) this small before...? Is she ready to harvest and if so where should I cut so that after wards I can replant her in a bigger pot and continue to grow her...i just dont know what to do with this cute little thing...someone please help!

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  11. man we have all told you to do some reading. you are being rude by not doing something for yourself. we all are starting somewhere but come on. you have to help yourself at some point in time. i believe you represent everything that is wrong with the youth today. you want everything now and are unwillng to do anything to help yourself get it. maybe i drank to much tonight if i am being terribly rude i do apologize. but please try and help us help you
  12. cut here on the red line. then put her in a bigger pot and put 18 hours of CFL light on her and do it right this time. oh yeah, I almost forgot... READ:D

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  13. looks exactly like my mini plant.. check out the link in my sig

  14. i thought this was a help forum...if you dont want to help then why do you bother to reply...any one can tell you to look stuff up but thats not what a "help forum" is for...

    thanks for the tip up4anything...
  15. no prob brutha. good luck on it all.
  16. this is a help forum. but when your questions are as basic as "what are these hairy things" i kinda get the impression that you are being lazy. why you ask? because anyone who took 10 minutes to look at even a picture would know that the "hairy" things is bud. but hey, i am just the asshole for making you do something right? peace and good luck
  17. i agree wit smoke it, if u dont know that those are buds ur bein extra lazy dude. EXTRA. hes not bein an asshole, ur just being a lazy person, if ur gonna grow a plant u gotta put in SOME sort of effort into it if not then dont grow... nuff said

    ur fellow grower


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