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Experiences with Undercover Police?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mos_def, May 10, 2010.

  1. What are your experiences with them?
    How did you know they were undercover?
    I was thinking about how undercovers can do anything illegal legally because of their job and how hard it would be to spot them then.
  2. phoenix has a lot of these assholes. heres what i look for.

    -usually something with power. mostly chargers, mustangs and explorers. all with darker than normal tint. chargers and mustangs usually have black rims and a guard on the front.

    - all unmarked cop cars here in the valley are usually astrovans, explorers and crown vics. they have the flash lights and guards on the bumper. but the police auctions sell them like crazy but they usually take off the grill guards.

    -most unmarked/under cover cars have those laptops inside. you can usually spot them through the tint but not always.
  3. i pretty much always look out for crown vics and impalas and now im starting to look out for chargers.

    im talking more about actually undercover people

    edit: and yeah them laptops look super hightech
  4. Undercover cops cannot approach you or offer you anything. That's entrapment and very much illegal.

    And cops in the Valley are crazy. Especially out here in Surprise. They'll try to get you for anything. Anything at all.

  5. thats the fucking truth because thats where i live.

    i believe the surprise police are under investigation right now. i still dont know if theyll lay low and chill or hit harder and make a point.

    youd think with all the other shit going on they would have more shit to worry about.
  6. under cover cops cant approach you or offer you anything but if they see you make a hand off in a parking lot they can still bust you.
  7. No kidding.

    I just got pulled over on Cinco right at Greenway and Dysart. I thought I was going to have to show my two forms of ID (My last name's Garcia. If you don't know why that's an issue in Arizona right now, pick up a friggin' newspaper already).

    By the way, "Greenway" = second best name for a street EVER.
  8. Here in ontario the undercover cop cars look EXACTLY the same as regular cop cars but all black. So easy to spot :p They are all crown vics also lmao

  9. I drive on high drive daily. thats a street name for you
  10. Sorry to hear that you live in Arizona.

    What's the first best street name?
  11. Yeah, I was actually wondering this too. :p
  12. I know the ottawa police use alot of brown and black impallas for unmarked cars. Ive also seen a silver gran prix under cover car.
  13. In Ottawa the unmarked units, like stated above, usually drive Crown Vics, the Lincoln version of the Crown Vic, or Impalas. A lot of the time, in winter any way, they actually wear a bright yellow traffic vest.

    My dad knows a cop in the drug unit, and he was telling me recently that the guy was saying that they had tons of cars for actual undercover work, not just unmarked units.
    They have cars you would never expect, like Smart cars, old models of cars, and even the Chargers they use don't have the interceptor package, they are stock.

  14. There's a neighborhood out in chandler called smoke tree

  15. My ex's cousins live on Mary Jane Lane.

    The rhyming is what makes it scrumtrulescent. :D
  16. Its gonna suck for hispanics who smoke weed in there car in arizona if that law passes, haha
  17. dtecs are getting so crazy around here, trust me and a lot of people I kno, you won't have a clue they're watching you untill you get grabbed. They ride around in anything, minivans, SUVs.

  18. It's already passed, brother. Only like 70 more days until it goes into effect, unfortunately.

    If it ever happens to me, you guys will be the firsts to know.

    Well, after my lawyer and immediate family, of course.

  19. pigs do whatever the fuck they want.
    had a buddy get pulled out of his car and searched after he refused
  20. Only once. When I started smoking I was sitting on the sidewalk with some homies. I started rolling a joint in my hand and a UC drove by. See at that time - maybe not today but they had one long ass antena out the back. Only UC cops do. So my homies like "fuck it's a UC throw it." But we were on a coldasac and he was on the road so I finished rolling it fast and put it behind a giant rock. We just started walking away and the UC pulls up to us. This big ass motherfucker. Like 400lbs. He goes "you know I can arrest you for that" We asked for what and he's like "you don't think I didn't see you with that cocaine or something?!?!"

    UC's are just as dumb as normal cops.

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