Experiences with non water in bongs?

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  1. So I'm wondering what other liquids besides water people have tried putting in their bongs/bubblers. The one time I tried something different I was skiing and I made a bong with my homemade one-hitter and a half full can of my friend's kickstart (idk if everyone has heard of it but it's like a soda that's orange flavored).

    We went deep in the backwoods and this thing hit really really smoothly because of the cold, but the orange taste also enhanced the experience a lot. It gave the weed a tangy taste that was really enjoyable. I'm pretty sure the strand was Super Lemon Haze so it was a really good mix of zesty citrus flavors.

    Has anyone tried anything else like this? If so have you noticed which strands go best with which liquids? I'm thinking that since alcohol has a really really low freezing point it could be fun to get it super cold and then get really smooth hits through it but idk about the taste.

    I'd love to hear all your experiences!
  2. I only smoke through nitric acid
  3. I once put quentro in a bong instead of water. I was hungover for three days after.

    These days I only use dihydrogenmonoxide.
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