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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pottthead, May 18, 2003.

  1. Are pot and weed the same thing? If not what's the difference? What's the best type of weed yo buy
  2. yea pot and weed are the same thing. they are just different names for it, just incase you dont know, some other streeet names for it are, mary jane, reefer, bud, grass, herb... etc..... and there isnt just one certain kind that is the best, there are many strains of marijuana... some are KB, chronic, purple haze, blue berry, white widow, bubble gum, etc.... those are all good strains....... and the better ones are of course more expensive.... so watch what you buy.... lol.... good luck!
  3. l dissagree ,a pot is something you put a plant in and a weed is something that you throw away.:D..sorry but you could mean anything ???is pot just plain old hemp for sails or is that weed ,no, weed could be the stuff they make cotton out off.l got 2 jumpers and a shirt made out of hemp ???? l got some glue too :D. or is that the stuff the doctors used to use before phamicitical companies ?.du pont ??????scum or what ,lol. p.s. ya could just smoke it for fun unless ya watched the film .lol.reefer madness of coarse and saw what it does to ya ,roflmao.[​IMG]

  4. my 13 year old jock little brother even knows that shit and your name is pothead i bet my 9 year old sister knows to
  5. I noticed how he said "exerienced users..."

    sounds like the words of someone straight out of Dare :D

    pot and weed are both names people use for marijuana, if you end up getting any try to ask for 'dank' or 'nugs', generally that means good bud (er, good marijuana)
  6. yeah, i cant see how ya ask that question when you're a pothead. damn...

  7. heh heh heh thats exactly what i was thinking. anyone can fucking tell you pot and weed are the same thing. heh heh i think i knew that before i even had dare.
  8. Pot is weed? YOU'RE KIDdING ME!? (heheh) Who woulda thought..

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