Experienced Inception-like dream levels

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    I've literally just woken up from the following. I thought I may as well publish it on the S&P forum as you guys may be interested, and because I need to somehow express what just happened.

    It's Monday evening here in NZ, and I was feeling a bit tired, so decided to take a quick nap before dinner. I go and lie in my bed, starting to relax and drift off. Next thing I know, I wake up, but can't see properly. I can only see activity 90 degrees away from where my eyes are positioned, as if they themselves had moved within their sockets. It was a very uncomfortable, disorientating experience. I presumed I had taken a certain substance earlier on, which, due to a slow onset, I had forgotten about until the effects had hit me. And yet I couldn't remember taking anything, nor could I figure out why I'd be taking anything at such a time.

    I was also able to make things appear in this reality, furthing adding to my presumption that I'd ingested something. At this point I was still in bed. I looked over to see my friend in the same, single bed as me. Obviously I thought this was a little odd, but I brushed it off as him being there for a sesh or something. After a while he was no longer there, as though he had got up and walked off. I was lowkey moaning and was clearly out of it. I tried to suppress any involuntary movements or noises so not to arouse suspicion within the house.

    My eyesight was still completely disrupted, so I closed my eyes to try and remedy this. It didn't work, and things were just the same as before I'd closed them. Because there wasn't any difference in what I was experiencing than with my eyes open, I presumed I had falled into a vivid dream state.

    I started hearing several people talking, like an entire crowd. It was so, so incredibly realistic. I heard little snippets of conversation, random words, and voices of different tones - young and old, male and female. I then managed to gain physical control, and walked out of the house. I was stumbling around on the pavement, and realised that I was far too gone to be out in public. With that thought, I was immediately transported back to my bed, and woke up again. My vision was back to normal, giving my mind the pressuposition that I was back in conscious reality.

    I was still tired, and so decided to remain in bed. Then my mum came in and started talking to me. I can't remember what about, but I gave her brief, closed-ended answers so she would leave. I still felt fucked and wasn't comfortable with talking to family members. Next thing I know, she's crawling around on top of a small bookshelf of mine, which is inbuilt into the wall, close to the ceiling. She was dusting it for some reason. Now bear in mind at this point I was 100% convinced I was back in reality, and yet, something as weird as this was occuring. I knew this sort of thing didn't happen in reality, but at the same time, I had absolutely no doubt that what I was experiencing was reality.

    I tried asking her a series of questions to catch her out, or rather catch my mind out, to prove to myself whether what I was experiencing was real or not. All the while she was still on top of this bookshelf, dusting. She answered the questions perfectly as though we were having a normal, everyday conversation. I eventually stumped her though. Her not being able to answer me seemed confirmation enough that this wasn't reality, and I slowly became more and more conscious until I suddenly jumped back into waking life.

    I looked up at my bookshelf and it was exactly the same as what I'd seen in my dream, or whatever it was that I'd just experienced. The positioning, colours, details and content of every single object in my room was precisely what I'd seen when I drifted off into that weird place. It was a frightening thought that even then I could still be in yet another level of the dream state, but I soon convinced myself that I was indeed awake for real this time.

    Apologies for the length of that anecdote, but I really felt compelled to get it down in writing. I've had a similar experience to this before, but not to the extent where I'd be dreaming within a dream. It was exactly like Inception. Each dream level was as real as the previous. Man it was fucked. Just got me thinking about how little we really understand. You could say that was just the working of my mind, and you'd probably be right, but considering how ridiculously real it all was, I can't help but wonder whether I slipped off into a different dimension or parallel reality of some sort. You guys experienced anything similar?
  2. Pics or it didn't happen :p :D lol Jk.

    I'll talk to you later about this brother, it's one 1 am here and I gotta get up for school tomorrow.

    - peace, joy, love, and light
  3. I've been having dreams like that. It appears that I'm not the only one. Things are happening. Big things. Just know that.
  4. A few times, but only momentarily and they weren't too intelligible. Experienced lucid dreamers can harness that shit, fucking pros.
  5. Two nights ago I had perhaps the most vivid dream of the month. I was in a resturaunt in Dubai (mind you, I have never been there) and after eating a dish, my vision began to spin and blur. Next thing you know I am inside a space ship viewing Jupiter and the many stars that encompassed the space around it. I remember feeling as if I was in a swimming pool, minus the feeling of water against the skin. After the ship docked, I was inside what appeared to be a large space station. I hopped onto a bus/transporter of sorts with several others. I sat next to a man. However, the transporter began to loop as if it were a rollercoaster. Just like in the resturaunt, things began to spin out of control. The feeling was much more intense this time. It was at this point when I became close to lucid. I was inbetween a waking and a sleeping state. I could not move my body but I knew I was still dreaming because the man that sat next to me put his hand over mine, nearly as if he was trying to take me somewhere. Now the strangest thing of it all was that his hand was of alien origin. It was far from a human hand. The fingers were long and thin while the glow from the skin was a near pale white. After this encounter, I woke up sweating.
  6. yes inception was an interesting movie just a movie:rolleyes:
    but yea ive experienced lucid dreams before they r awesome
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    Describe some of your dreams. What 'big things' do you think are happening exactly?

    Yeah man. I've only properly lucid dreamed once, and even then I woke up soon after. At times in this 'dream' I felt very lucid, like I was aware that there was something not quite right. I took advantage of this and was able to mainpulate patterns and whatnot for a bit, but at no point did the thought that I may be dreaming cross my mind, so in that sense it wasn't a true lucid dream.

    That's craazy man. I know exactly what you mean about the spinning sensation. I went to sleep one time with my electric blanket on, but it turned out it was too hot for my body to handle. Nevertheless, I was tired and so still drifted off, and I presume the heat prevented me from falling into a deep sleep, but rather sent me into a weird purgatory of the dream world. Come to think of it, this was the case with the experience I've just described - I went to bed with my clothes on, and woke up very hot.

    Anyway, I drifted off and had these reeeeally intense physical distortions. It was absolutely out of control, and I had no idea what was going on. It literallty felt like an entity had control over my body and was rolling me around, violently slamming me against my bed and the floor. It was terrifying because I had absoltutely no physical control whatsoever, and never stopped to question whether it was a dream or not. I was just completely taken by surprise and presumed that I was still in reality somehow. My body kept ferociously slamming against the floor, and then would stop, leaving me limp on the ground, completely drained of all energy. It was like I were possessed, like there was some being toying with me like a cat melliciously plays with a half-dead mouse. Towards the end it felt like my throat was split and my head was partially severed from the rest of my body. I was then slowly dragged out of my room. I was convinced I had died and that I was being taken somewhere. I wasn't scared, I just accepted whatever happened. Not long after, I woke up. Needless to say I was pretty scared to go back to sleep that night.
  8. Obviously words can't describe what I experienced. It was different from a lucid dream. It was a completely different sensation. When you've had a dream, even a really vivid, lucid one, after waking up, you realise that you're back in reality because things seem more real, even if it felt real in the dream. Here, I woke up and was still unsure whether I was in reality or not. Real life was reflected perfectly in this weird state. Upon waking, I was still seeing exactly what I'd seen before.
  9. I've been posting about how I feel like my dream world is merging with my real world. I haven't went into much detail though. But that's the best way I can describe it. I'm tired now, maybe i'll explain more later.

  10. Those were real galactic friends communicating to you, I'm serious. Many people go up to a ship when they go to sleep...it's kinda like you have an avatar body...you go to sleep and wake up in the ship in your other body. You dont remember it for obvious reason, it would interfere with you lifetime here. But you do have other things to take care of up there.

    I wonder how many people will call me crazy or an idiot :D

    - peace, joy, love, and light
  11. You're completely deluded bro. Just fuck off.

  12. :hello: :D :wave: :eek: :p :metal: :yay: :ey: :laughing: :poke:

    - peace, joy, love, and light

  13. I'm not hating on your beliefs brother, just are you sure dreams aren't just a subconscious projection?

    How can you be so sure?
  14. called false awakenings

  15. Lol I was Jk bro. If anything he could have been astral traveling. That happens all the time while sleeping.

    - peace, joy, love, and light

  16. I completely believe that. I've had a dream where I was this plant like humanoid with a flower for a head almost like one of those pokemons lol with very long stamen (filaments and anthers) walking on two legs and I was happy as shit lol frolicking like a damn teletubby on this beautiful fucking word man I cannot even begin to describe its the the air is holographic like the aurora borealis but more vivid almost like buckets of paint pouring down but it was mist you could see through it but then it looks like pastel coloring man so fucking vivid there is no way I'm going to be able to convey the description in words its lost in feeling.

    I was completely acquiescent. I was just happy as shit I mean I never been that happy since childhood. A little while after I started having visions of this being while I was awake. Like whenever I thought about a chakra point and its natural driving force I was reminiscent of this being its the craziest thing its like we're linked via quantum entanglement of something or he's/she's in another universe or in this one on in a distant solar system. Now anytime I want I can connect with this being through my crown chakra and its like this being is almost a metaphor for me.

    Everything I give is my pollen and everything I take is the ability to bear fruit and plant more seeds and trees by using the bees to help me do that. And in they make honey which they are more than willing to share. Its the realest fucking shit man We are the makers of this world. Literally. And this pain I feel across the universe stings my heart more than a thousand swords rushing in. We're really killing this planet. Let's do our best to help.

    We make the universe when we open our eyes and we are 7 billion doors opening another gateway to the universe. Its some real shit

    Everyone who has died in the past.

    All our ancestors

    Are who we see when we look in the mirror

    We see ourselves and the mirror shows us nothing more than a mere reflection

    Pull back to the greatest of your brothers and sisters and draw strength from them


    Joan of Arc




    All these people and the people before them died to aid us

    With all the confusion lost in technology its hard to clear our minds


    the storm is finally coming

    And rightfully scourge those who have earned their fate

    There is no Grim Reaper

    Only the cries of our ancestors

    Lost in the Shadows.....(dots for dramatic effect lol)

    Real shit man big things are about to happen

    People are about to see WHO they really are

    And roam the Earth as the ancients did
  17. Its almost as if you were waking up from a bad dream, only to figure out you werent dreaming in the first place, you know? I am most surprised that you were actually being dragged across the floor. What would that be considered? Sleep-rolling? That does not sound like a pleasant experience at all.

    budsmokn, the thought alone is rather perplexing and reminds me of temporal disortion in a way. It is truly remarkable how the fabric has come to be, and the connection between each and every thread that has been weaved together. In my mind, I feel like as if the body is just a vessel, transporting the soul while the ethereal part of us is restricted and to an extent, controlled by powers we can't even imagine or begin to comprehend. We are just one tiny spark of light in this whole solar system, completely engufled by the sheer magnitude of celestial objects.

  18. Fuck that's an interesting experience bro.

    Exactly. You wake up and think...hang on...that wasn't your standard dream, that was a completely different level of consciousness. And yeah, it was reeeally weird. I have no idea what provoked the sensation of being dragged across the floor.
  19. Man I wanna talk about my dreams...it's just whenever I see this thread I'm feeling really tired or something. Lol. It's just what you guys are talking about. I'll post about it soon maybe tomorrow lol.
  20. sounds like astral travel to me...that is if you believe in this...i personally do

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