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Experienced, but new to GS.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hafon420, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Well I'm an experience smoker, ever since I first got stoned I knew I had made a new best friend...ganja.

    And now im joining the GS forums, b/c I have nothin else to do.
  2. Welcome to the city!! :)

    Theres only one rule, you can never leave and to read the rules and regulation sticky.............oh wait thats two, LOL :)
  3. You sound like youll fit in just fine. Welcome to the city fellow stoner. :)
  4. I've got the same deal as hafon. but ive been to GS before just not the forums
  5. This is my first time to GC and I think this site is FANTASTIC.
    I've been smoking since I was in High School (85') and I'm still tokin' strong. Married with a kid too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My husband knows that self medication is the way to keep me calm and kewl or I go off the deep end.
    Nothing helped me more with my post-partum depression more than weed.
    Thank you Sweet Leaf!


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