Experienced a Shooting in Venice

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  1. I was out skating at Venice and things we're looking kinda shady. As soon as we got out of the car I was getting bad vibes. We skated all the way into the skate park area (for those who don't know it's right on the beach, you have to skate across the boardwalk and go into this park area right before the water) and from the looks of the people it was a hostile environment, a mix of thugs, stoners, and hot rich white girls. So anyway we start to skate and try to forget about all that.
    While we were skating, my friend was getting disrespected by the local people there and generally it was a pretty shitty session with no manners or skatepark antiquity. We were just about over it, when out of nowhere hundreds of people started scattering. It looked like a riot was breaking out or some crazy shit. (I almost thought aliens were landing :smoke:). Then you started hearing "OMG HE GOT SHOT SOMEONES SHOOTING RUN!" The place erupted into a panic with people running everywhere, huge crowds of people trying to cram through the narrow streets to leave, and people screaming. It was really fucking weird. What makes it worse was the assholes running around trying to cause a panic.
    People were trying to find their kids, I was trying to make sure that I wasn't going to get hit by a stray bullet, and the place was generally chaotic. In come about 10 squad cars and we got the fuck out of there. On our way out this group of 50 or so bikers had banded together and were making a huge train, completely shutting down traffic on streets. We hopped into their mob of people and rode with them over to my car where we left. All in all, I was fucking tripping out. I had never seen over a thousand people panicking and running around like that.
    It turns out that this was a Crip/Blood gang fight that escalated to a shooting. They organized via twitter to meet at the basketball courts where a fight broke out. I had a really strong suspicion that it was gang related, I saw many groups of people that looked gang affiliated. Here's the link:

    Video: Shooting in Venice Beach 4-16-11 | Yo! Venice!
  2. Damn dude it must have been surreal. did everything seem to slow down at any point/ I have been in a few similar situations(bad neighborhood) and that has happened to me. Glad you and your friend are OK. Bet you took a nice fat rip after that experience... I know tats what I did. Be easy man.
  3. What a baby lol that doesnt sound like a big deal at all.People get shot all the time.I have seen people shot, stabbed and beaten to death.I think the worst one I saw was a guy fall in a river and float by my kcking his legs while his head was held under the water by his hip waders.Search and rescue found his body down river, hadto stop fishing for 5 minutes dangit!!!
  4. Yeah, I saw that on the news yesterday. Scary shit.
  5. damn. glad your okay. crazy world out there.
  6. lol they arranged their meeting through twitter?
  7. those are the type of sudden moments that you really find out what your made of.
    especially when your kids are at stake.
    I actually blacked out & ended up helping tackling someone that was waving a shotgun at people including my kids.
    shit happened so fast that someone had to fill me in on the details because I just remember being on top of the dude along with a couple other guys.
    I must have been at least 20 yards from him & dont remember how I got to him.

    I hear I was the second one on him &we all had him down but it took some time to get the gun out of his fucking hand cause we couldn't get his fucking finger off the trigger....... & the gun was pointed towards at my kids.

    I'm just glad nobody got shot & never thought I was capable of blacking out like that.

    I also heard about the shooting & visit Venice often. It was pretty hot this weekend so there must have been tons of people.
    All was good in Long beach though!

    sometimes you can tell something is up though.

    "Hmmmmm.......sure is Lots of players today............must be Venice street ball playoffs"

    Glad your alright.

    "I am sooooo fucked.......YES?"
  8. Seriously through twitter?


    Thats like highschool shit when kids used to arrange fights over myspace.
  9. Skip to 1:22 in the video to see the craziness. I guess the police brought out the M4's.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MscnjF4XyZ8&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Gang War Erupts In Gun Fire- 6 shot @ Venice beach[/ame]

    Thanks for the words everyone ! It was pretty crazy. I just felt bad for all the people there with their children. Twitter is insanely fast and efficient at spreading info like that. It's like a community Instant Messenger
  10. the twitter part was a flash mob, it just so happened that they were meeting at the same place the ignorant gang members were at but the two are unrelated outside of that.
  11. Crips in bloods are still beefin out there? They need to grow the fuck up and go get some money. Anyway thats kinda crazy. But your unaware bro. When you heard the first shot you shoulda broke back to your car and scraped. If people start shootin and i don't know them fuck it i'm outta there.
  12. Violence as such & murder shouldn't be taken so casually.

    ...or do you think it should?
  13. You think that, but when it goes down it's different. If everyone would have thought like you there would have been a panic and people would have been trampled. I tried to set an example and walk my ass out of there swiftly and calmly.
  14. dude that was a blessing,, i bet the skate park was empty after that, you could of had the whole thang to your self

    I always stay around my park when thangs get hectic,

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