Expensive headphone appreciation thread (anything that isn't the cheap crap)

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    Today I went out, bought a pair of decent skullcandy headphones, got ripped, and plopped myself down for a good 3 hours of Metal, Dubstep, and Classic Rock.

    Needless to say I felt the need to create this thread in the honour of expensive/good quality headphones! Letting us really hear the bass and having the headphone cord not rip every 2 months like the shitty apple ones.

    fuck those headphones...:cool:

    oh I forgot to mention, mine are RASTA COLOURED!!!

    HAH!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!??!?! :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    EDIT: I realize skullcandy aren't the real good ones, but they're good enough for me, which is all that matters. :wave:
  2. Every pair of headphones I have seem amazing when I'm high.


    But I prefer these :hello:
  3. when you think of expensive headphones you dont think of skullcandy,
    they are weak man :/


  4. i know haha, i just appreciate having depth to my music now instead of it being all airy sounding.
  5. I got klipse S4 earbuds (80$) they where supposed to be the best for the money and they are just as good and probably sound a little better then my bose over ear headphones ($130) they have been beat on for over 2 years i'm actually amazed they still work, i go through headphones so much i spend all of the free time that im not with ppl and listen to music

  6. im the exact same man, always jammin to tunes :smoke:

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