expensive bagged vs cheap brick

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by comeoriginal740, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. So Im planning on doing an outdoor grow which will require a ton of coco and I was considering using cheap brick coco instead of the usual bagged stuff. My question is the brick stuff much worse quality than bagged? Salt issues aside.. Hydro-Gardens
  2. the image of the product you links to has the words 'Fibre Dust on it. You do NOT want fibre dust that is for sure. Whether cheap brick is better than bag, depends on the manufacturer. Do the 'due diligence' so you don't waste money. I have only bought brick from two companies, GH brand(good) and Best Peat, good but requires several washes to get rid of the salts. Both are reasonable priced, but buying tons... I don;t' think anything out there would be considered reasonable.

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