Expanding dead spots on older leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Suburbb, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm testing my grow space on some vegetables and am having some problems with a few brocolli and cauliflower. I fertilized them with MediOne and added 4 26W CFLs in addition to the existing 200W Sunblaster CFL.

    I think I may have fert burned them, as several cauliflower leaves began to develop dead patches that spread throughout the leaf.

  2. bugs , bleaching to much light. intense
  3. looks like bugs to me little caterpillar check the bottom of the leafs
  4. I've thoroughly inspected every plant and there are no visible bugs anywhere. pH is ok, and the spots are only occurring on broccoli an cauliflowers, while peas, beans, squash are fine. I have a single hydroponic cauliflower with a mild case of the same problem.

    Too much light may be the problem, as it did coincide with the addition of 6000 more lumens to the 4x3 grow space. The plants are not burning from the lights though, they are more than far enough from it.
  5. It looks like a Ca deficiency.

    Whats the weed look like lol :p.


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