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  1. DISCLAIMER: WARNING Certain strains of mushroom spores ARE LEGAL to possess depending are your country, and are 100% legal to study... However cultivation and manufacturing of these or any other organisms is comletely illegal and can get you some serious time...

    Now that i got that out of the way let's begin

    Wat i have here is a ten cc (mL) syringe of spores and ten different exotic cannabis strains.

    Will update soon..

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  2. Actually magic mushrooms are illegal to sell here but legal to grow. Weed is the other way around. Truffles are legal too.
  3. Oh word, well then, 10ccs of psilocybin cubensis cambodian spores till then... Read this


    Deffinitly illegal, but eat two lemon poppy seed bagels and fail ur drug test...
  4. That was far too long for me to read... but they tried that stuff with the poppy seed to fail your drug test on Mythbusters but they couldn't get a positive result on their test.

    Are those spores legal in your country? I was thinking of buying some just for fun. Does it smell? I only ate mushrooms once, I picked them myself a few months ago.
  5. I mean its wat it said on the site... PM me and ill give u a direct link :D
  6. thats ok, I believe you.
  7. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxr6bQikRk0[/ame]

    cool story bro :rolleyes:
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