Existence of higher beings?

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  1. I think the title might be a but fucked up, but I am way too high :smoke: I just had another interesting insight. Higher beings must exist. Beings that exist in a completely different plain of existence than us, and are beyond our normal perception. Who knows whether or not they are our creators, but I believe they are more like watchful protectors.

    Now how can I prove that higher beings exist? Let's think about a mind-altering naturally grown psilocybin mushroom coming straight from the Earth. Let's assume they serve no purpose. They were not created by anything for any cause, they are just lifeforms. But how can they have no purpose when it has a powerful effect on our minds, It changes our ordinary perception of life, and makes us feel more connected with nature and other higher powers. I know when I'm on shrooms I always feel connected to nature and something beyond me, and indeed it was that connection that made me realize so many important things. So in this we find a contradiction. If shrooms had no divine plan by higher beings, than why is it that these substances coincidentally cause us to alter our minds into a state of enlightenment and spiritual and divine connection?

    Let's take other naturally occuring mind-altering substance and neurotransmitter such as DMT. It's in our own brain, and it affects the same receptor types as psilocybin in mushrooms! And it's even found in many roots and plants. It also causes some people to feel connected to other beings. The Pineal gland is said to be the seat of our souls, where this neurotransmitter is said to be found. Could this be a physiological explanation for our connection with the divine? I can't see it otherwise because if you think about it this way, what are the chances that it is all a coincidence and just came from no where? Substances such as these obviously had some reasoning behind their creation coming from somewhere.
  2. God sent. :D
  3. Damnit bump this shit I just basically proved god (or other higher beings) exist. There has to be someone who can refute my argument.
  4. I have evidence that shows your "proof" is wrong. But I will not take the time to argue about it.
  5. No you dont have evidence, you have what you think is evidence.

    Im tired of people thinking acience is the end all be all. Scientists are human, they can fuck things up, so nothing is 100%

    I think science is badass, but it does not solve everything.
  6. No you dont have evidence, you have what you think is evidence.

    Im tired of people thinking science is the end all be all. Scientists are human, they can fuck things up, so nothing is 100%

    I think science is badass, but it does not solve everything.

  7. Then this evidence that he presents to us is not evidence. So either way it doesn't matter now does it? So theres no point in arguing about it right? Do you see where I'm coming from? I posted that so people like you wouldn't say anything. :rolleyes:
  8. It's a fucked up theory. But I don't believe it. I don't find the coincidence of psilocybine and thc being available in nature anymore magical than the fact that two tablespoons of hydrogen and one tablespoon of oxygen will give you three tablespoons of water.

    But hey, stick to it. A theory isn't rejected until it's been proven wrong and essentially nothing inside or outside the universe (or anything else) can be proven neither right nor wrong..
  9. It all makes sense if you knowing something about fundamental biochemistry.

    and THAT is more amazing that the idea of incorporeal beings.
  10. i agree with you That... we live in one dimension, and as such, we cannot see the beings in the higher dimension. Who knows, maybe you go to the next (higher) dimension after you die.

  11. It's not really fucked up. It is basically the same argument as the design theory, which states that everything in nature is so intricately designed that there had to be a basis of thought behind the idea, but I take it a step further and take specific examples (the existence of DMT and psilocybin as naturally occuring molecules) and show that there was some thought behind the creation of such molecules. It's either that or these molecules and the existence of physiological evidence in our bodies (endogenous DMT, the pineal gland, serotonin receptors) are just a coincidence. But how can something so profound and so intricately designed that makes us feel strongly connected with outside forces be a coincidence?
  12. Mushrooms is a connection alright, but a connection to what?
    The unknown?

  13. It's either that (everything was intricately designed) or that everything is self-reflective because it is actually all one energistic "substance".
  14. I fail make the connection between some substance that alters your perception and higher beings.

  15. I don't know if that's all the possibility there is, but either way, I like how you phrased it.
  16. I don't think that is as much proof as just a bunch of deep thinking. But regardless, I've been sober for three days, so I believe (know) that somewhere there are higher beings.:D
  17. Its all science. Higher beings did not create shrooms. They are basically a poison and your body tries to flush your brain to protect you from the poison, resulting in the psychoactive effects.
  18. of course such a beings exist, for who can not see but them that are blind? The evidence is obvious to anyone but only a fool denies what is plain. When I travel into the spirit world i encounter many beings some are higher and of greater longevity than others, many are deeper intelligence. Some are hostile, many will take over the one in the trance the result is a trip to a psychiatric ward. It is common that many sorceror and astral beings will ensnare those foolish to enter the spirit world without proper spells to protect them. That is why it is my job to guide the soul and to release those imprisoned by malevolent beings.

  19. I can't tell if you're being serious or not...
  20. well i can understand it being the internet

    have you ever thought about magic or what it is

    have you ever been curious perhaps

    and maybe tried to cast a spell or something

    but nothing happened

    so you labeled it a bunch of BS right

    that is the fallacy of materialistic thinking

    i will share only one thing with you

    reality is how you perceive it

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