exhausting my portable A/C unit properly

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  1. Will an 8 inch exhaust duct, (that is moving all of the air from my closet) being reverted down into the 4 inch UVonair system, restrict my air exhausting power?

    The only reason i am concerned with exhaust being restricted by the UVonair system is: it is pulling air from my 2 small tents and MAINLY my Portable A/C unit.

    I primarily bought the Exhaust fan to ensure the hot exiting air from my portable A/C was removed properly. im afraid the constricting duct on my UVonair will slow down the exhaust strength and cause the A/C units exhaust to back up, which will break the unit? my fans CFM is 440, will that provide enough power to ensure the A/C unit to exhaust properly???? keeping in mind it is pulling air from two tents, each 2x4x6.

    any ideas? i read some where that i can put the UVonair in a large box, after my exhaust fan, to mix w/ the air from my room. so i would have my main exhaust fan feeding 5 feet of duct into a large box w/ Uvonair in it and finally 10 more feet of duct, leading outside? im doubtful that this method will clean the air properly, but i am more concerned with breaking my A/C unit due to an exhaust restriction.


    Have you had to deal w/ this issue? any input would be greatly appreciated.

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