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    can i use an ac to keep the room cool an also bring in fresh air with out having to set up an exhaust?also will i have to worry about the odor escaping through the ac?
  2. yes, ur going to need an exhaust no matter what... If no exhaust were will all this air comin in go? i would use a/c as intake n set up an exhaust with a carbon filter.... research carbon filter....

    Remeber its better to have more exhaust n less intake
  3. get a couple carbon filters(they sell them separately in folded form) make a hole in the top of your grow cab(the best place since heat rises) and let the ac do the work and control it with a thermostat :)
  4. ^Zactly. You can't just keep pushing air into a space with nowhere for the air already in there to go. You need airflow through your grow space.

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