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  1. I have a brand new dual duct portable ac unit that I need to set up because I am about to start flowering and I am just trying to figure out the best way to go about it.

    Currently I am exhausting the 10x10 grow tent into the attic, through an 8 inch carbon filter/8 inch hurricane inline fan.

    Should I switch it around and exhaust the ac into the attic and just let the tent exhaust into the room?

    I am not doing co2
  2. Can’t exhaust out a window?
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  3. The only reason I do not want to exhaust the ac out the window is I don’t want any chance of smell leaking out. I heard sometimes dual duct portable ac units still pull some air from the room and exhaust it, so if the tent is ever open when I’m watering and smell leaks out it could technically leak out of the house? Or am I just being paranoid. I currently have the tent exhausted into the attic but I heard it might be better to just exhaust the ac into the attic and let the tent just exhaust back into the room the tent is in
  4. Exhaust both into the attic
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  5. I'm battling the smell right now I've been exhausting into the attic and I smell it in my yard and surrounding property now .
    New fan with carbon filter on the way
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  6. Thats kind of what I was thinking. The ceilings are vaulted so I am pretty sure if I were to exhaust the ac into the attic I would need to get an inline booster fan as well, because I heard if you extend the portable ac exhaust too far it can cause issues with the unit.
  7. I have a 745cfm 8 inch hurricane inline fan attached to a 8x24 inch 750cfm phresh filter both brand new, I hope it doesnt smell when I start flowering...
  8. You should be ok with that setup but honestly this will be my first carbon filter so I really don't know for sure I'm throwing like $220 at the problem so hopefully
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  9. I think I am going to just cut a 6 inch hole in the ceiling and exhaust the portable ac into the attic as well
  10. You can shut the ac off when you open then tent. No worry about smell getting out like that.

    I would also consider installing a window unit over the portable ac. They are much more efficient in cooling and usually cheaper.
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  11. Agreed, as long as you have negative air pressure inside your box and turn your AC unit off when the box is open, the smell shouldn't be able to escape through the AC exhaust. As for going with a window unit over a portable one, I couldn't say one way or the other without seeing the layout of the room and the box. Portable may work better if you have a larger room and a big heat problem, could be better to use a window unit if it's a small room and a minor heat problem.
  12. Do I need to have the intake hose from the dual duct portable ac outside the room as well or only the exhaust?
  13. The cooler the air being pulled into the AC unit the more efficient it will run. Additionally, having the intake outside of the room would definitely help with containing the smell.
  14. Be careful venting your tents into attics. That's a good way of introducing a whole lot of humidity into that space.

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