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  1. I've decided to get on a daily regimen of doing the following:

    30 push-ups
    20 situ-ps
    25 push-ups
    20 sit-ups
    20 push-ups

    How long would it take to see improvement?

  2. If you do that everyday for a few months you might notice you look leaner

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    70% of results are diet though. When i started taking much more fruits and vegetables with my meals and clean healthy eating i saw a lot better results then when eating whatever i wanted plus i had much more rapid results and better body-tone/shape with higher % of healthier/natural foods. You become what you eat.

    If you can go for a jog before the exercise even better or possibly buy a rebounder 10-15mins jump b4 training kickstarts everything into gear.

  4. Add in pulls ups, squats, and some more core besides just sit ups and you're headed on the right track

    with push ups and sit ups you are only hitting part of your core, then shoulders and chest and a bit of the arms (push ups are not really an exercise for the arms, cept the tricep)... and you are completely excluding the lower half of the body....

  5. At the end of the day, your diet plan is whats going to give you your results. Honestly iv been working out for ten years and when i started i was about 145lb and if there is one thing id tell my younger self it would be to eat every 2 hours and every single damn thing i could get my hands on. I was way to worried about how clean my diet was then.

    As for working out, if your looking to grow keep your reps between 8-12 and make sure your temp (time under tension basically) is slow. Always remember when the muscle is lengthening thats when you want to pay the most attention. For example on a bench press the way down should get the most attention.. nice and slow my friends. Good luck.
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  6. to be eating more means you have to work out more, otherwise you get fat
  7. Agreed, bulking season whilst lifting to get gains! Then cut down 15-10 pounds and you are lean

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  8. yeah but some dont realize that extra food means extra effort and just stick to the usual, when i eat more i train a lot more.
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  9. Depends on what your calorie break down is. Obviously you want to be working out but you wont grow if your calorie intake isn't above your steady intake.lets say 3500 calories to keep your normal body weight, i'd need 4k to start putting weight on. Now thats not including your macro break down with those 4k calories. My recommendation would be to get that sorted out first.

    Find out your calorie intake to grow and what protein,carbs,fats you need.

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