Exercising After Smoking

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  1. Does anyone smoke before going to the gym? I remember reading some time ago that smoking can actually increase blood flow to your arms/legs. I don't remember the study or the details as it was several years ago.

    If anyone has any info, it would be much appreciated.
  2. I like smoking before i work out because i feel like i can do more because im just zoned out while lifting weights. especially if i have my ipod in

  3. I also like to smoke before getting a good work out in. It does help me focus. I'm fixated on the muscles the exercise is targeting and I'm in perfect form. I have the desire to do more when I'm high, just because i'm high lol, so it becomes an intense session. Again, Mstrmatthew is right on with the ipod. It helps you crank out a few more reps.
  4. when i smoke before i work out it helps me push for an extra rep or 2. It helps me focus on that specific muscle i am working out. Finally, for some reason i am more concerned about good form and i get a better overall workout.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuNYjG6YTBQ

    How the hell do you embed on this site?
  6. I'm a competitive lifter and builder. I LOVE smoking before high rep days. Helps you get your form perfectly, and your mind is on the weight, not the pain.
  7. I personally like to smoke a little bit before working out cause it gets the blood flowing and gets me in the "zone". The bad thing for some poeple about smoking and working out is the munchies which can throw off your diet and lung oxygen capacity from inhaling the smoke.

  8. video is funny to me. The dude is such a dbag ahahah
  9. I've done it once and I didn't really feel a difference aside from my mind not really focusing on much of anything. I'd basically go through the motions of the exercise. I did notice that the weight seemed a lot less than when I work out sober.

    I also completely lost my high, which kept me from trying again!
  10. I can't EVER smoke before I go to the gym.

    I'd much rather eat healthy, stretch, go do a crazy work out, then blaze when I'm done. Just seems to make sense to me :confused_2:
  11. Ill be the first to say,

    I HATE smoking before working out. I feel very weak, the bar feels like a lot. I get tired much more easy and get a headache and a bunch of shit going on.

    Just seems like a waste of a smoke sesh to me:confused_2:
  12. I always blaze before I go to the gym. Honestly havent noticed any difference aside from increased motivation when going high:smoke:
  13. makes me feel a lot better at the beginning of my workout out, but i find i tire much more quickly, (less reps, less endurance while running)
  14. I love smoking then working out,it's like,idk,a better high,like, the mix of endorphins and thc is a beautiful thing :smoke:
  15. I don't think there's any research on if it increases blood flow. Sounds like an urban myth.

    Some people have an easier time working out high, cause they're more focused.....I personally don't like working out high....just cause my mind wanders too much and I lose focus fast.

    Now.....smoking AFTER you work out is awesome. Hit the gym, lift some weights, come home a little bit sore....smoke.....and everything feels great. I've used weed a lot to get over soreness too....ie....work out too hard one day, wake up the next day sore....smoke something for a body high, and the soreness is gone.
  16. I love to go running high. I'll smoke a huge bowl, then just tie on my adidas and just bounce. I'll plug in my Ipod and go forever. Just running around, up and down different streets, helps me clear my head and ease any stress.
  17. weed is a vasodilator...basically yes it does increase blood flow, its one of the (NOT the only) reason why our eyes get bloodshot. those veins in your eyeballs are filled with extra blood!

    i hate toking before working out. makes me feel weak/like a loser. smoke afterwards! so rewarding and calming. plus it makes you eat more so if youre a guy lifting weights this is what you want obviously
  18. Smoking is really bad towards the health so it's worthless doing exercise because the benefits that you really get from the exercise is become zero.....
  19. HmmMmMmMMm,2 words

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    [ame=http://www.metacafe.com/watch/179225/arnold_stoned/]Arnold Stoned - Video[/ame]
  20. I like to smoke a bit before work because it is the blood flowing and puts me in the zone. The bad thing for certain poeple on smoking and the development of the munchies that can throw your diet and oxygen capacity of the lung to inhalation of smoke.

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