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Exercise burning THC? Just a few questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tbone2, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I am on misdemeanor probation and will be taking random, color-wheel UA's starting in 2-3 days for the next 40ish days. I do NOT plan on smoking during this time.  My PO is cool, I told him that I may pee dirty my first test so I get somewhat of a mulligan.  However, He said that in the tests following he expects my THC levels to be dropping.  
    Anyways, I just have a few Q's for anyone who is physically active on a regular basis and the effect that has on THC detox.  I understand that it displaces THC from fat into your blood stream, so sometimes it isn't encouraged to workout a few days before the test.  I find this confusing, because if you are drinking unholy amounts of fluids and eating fiber, wouldn't that help speed up the process of the THC leaving your bloodstream, so you really wouldn't have THAT much of a problem working out up until the test? 
    Also, my gym has a sauna + steamroom.  Anyone have any experience using these to detox? For example, a hard weight-lifting/cardio session followed by a sauna session to sweat out the toxins released from your fat during the workout? 
    Questions in non-paragraph form:
    Does weight lifting/cardio truly speed up the process in which THC is burned from fat? 
    Does creatine really increase your creatinine levels if you load for 2-3 days? 
    Anyone with any probation drug testing stories/advice? 
    Also, does anyone know if your given color (red) when you call in has any correlation wit the frequency of UA's? I've heard of some people getting their color called 1-2 times a week, others once a month.  
    Lastly, will eating a bunch of Tums before your UA level out your specific gravity in the urine? 
    Thanks guys. Like I said I'm not toking anymore during this time, however I do have THC in my system.  

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    Im not sure how to really guarantee you piss less every time if you had worked out that day and it flushed out metabolites, id just suggest not working out the day of the test, in case you piss the extra flushed ones and your number goes up
    I got around UA's using creatine for months, however my body chemistry just changed and after nothing in my routine changed i had 2 ua's come up dilute and they swapped me to mouth swabs (i dunno the logic on that one)
    i was also still smoking, not the best idea lol
    As for color, it usually refers to the frequency you go in
    My system was state names, i was washington, then oregon, then delaware i think
    washington was 4 a month, oregon was 2, and delaware was for 1 mouth swab a month. It just essentially means if they want you having x amount a month/week you get put in x color group, you can always talk to you PO and ask how many it is because you need to figure out a budget for probation.
    If you arent smoking though, you dont need to use any of the work arounds, your UA levels should drop if you are active and dont try fucking with your urine  and failing lol
  3. I agree that abstinence is the best way to give a clean sample.  I am also on the random test schedule.  I have searched high and low to find answers to a couple of questions and come up dry.  I know metabolism and weight are variables.
    #1.  One big hit of good smoke will take a urine sample to ?? ng/ml of the tested for THC metabolite, non-psychoactive THC Carboxylic Acid (THC-COOH), for a 200# male one day later?
    #2. What is the average half life of this metabolite?
  4. I was on felony probation for 3 years and had 7 panel testing, it was a machine that tested a variety of drugs.

    Of course, like you, my first few tests were dirty, and I saw how it left my body (since I stopped smoking in fear of prison time), even though I'm an active person and have an extremely high metabolism, it took a full 4 months to leave my body.
    My PO said it was normal that some people remove cannabis slower than others despite my metabolism.

    Everyone's body is different and removes cannabis at different rates. I was also a heavy smoker (still am)
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    Pot is the ultimate "tattle tale" drug. Unlike coc, meth, etc which clear your system completely in 3 to 5 days, smoking one single joint of ~6% w/w THC  ~1 gram packed blunt of said pot, will be detectable n your piss for 25 days if you do absolutely 'nothing' to  clear it out.  So, if you are "certifiably clean" by the dipstick test, then you go and git high, the THC will be detectable in your piss for up to 25 days (above 50 ng level).
    If you go daily exercise and vigorously sweat (e.g., lift wts, run, play hoop/tennis/aerobics etc, and sit in dry sauna), eat fiber, shit frequently, and drink water and/or fat-leaching fluids (e.g., citrus juices) you will definitely lower that detection window normally by about 1/2 the time or 12 days.  But most people cannot follow this strict detox regime--most folks don't have the time or resources to work out that much on a daily basis.
  6. You seem pretty knowledgeable on this subject and your post probably hold the answer to my question but I can't figure it out.  Here are two specific questions though I am aware of the variables if you have a general answer I'd be grateful.
    \n#1.  One big hit of good smoke will take a urine sample to ?? ng/ml of the tested for THC metabolite, non-psychoactive THC Carboxylic Acid (THC-COOH), for a 200# male one day later?
    \n#2. What is the average half life of this metabolite?
    \nThanks in advance.
  7. sauna only sweats out water-weight not fat which thc binds to, youre not being physically active by sitting in a hot room, thus no caloric expenditure
    everything elsr is golden dood good luck
  8. Hey man, im a serious ATHLETE and i can tell you that it does, especially after a strenght training session, you feel like the bad stuff it's leaving your body
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    I say just do not smoke or try to dilute ur piss. They will become really suspicious. Its only 40 days. Wait 40 days it seems like forever but really ull look back an remember ur court date was like yesterday an u have like 2 days left. Just dont smoke and ur levels will drop. And when u can smoke you will be like all new to it again (tolerance wise).

    Credit to: CanIBeShaggy for the avatar/profile pic. Thanks!
  10. Coasta Rican weed, Slim365, & Allan421--it is clear that you'all have a high [no pun intended] level of experience and knowledge-seeking on this key special area of pharmacokinetics and dynamics of this THC, which has significant impact on our UA and yet also provides essential self-knowledge to aid in our "self-calibrating" after getting blazed.
    1. The half-life of THC to the best of my knowledge is the time it takes for THC to degrade in a Radioactive fashion from 1/2 its original amount by the amount of Time it takes multiplied by the total number of Carbon atoms in THC structure and some ratio of C14/C12 can be used to estimate said time in "years" which you would then divide by mg of actual new THC input in your system which takes into account the potency of your pot so if you drew a line at the 50 ng mark, then how many such THC_carbons is still in you piss and at such a level as to bind up the Antibody on the UA dipstickfoam and suppress that "key double line"?
    However, in our case most relevant question is: "how much time" from THC-CooH in my body tissues into the water-soluble chemical form that I can just piss out? For a 200 lb man who does "nothing" to detox it will take 25 days from the "Zero time point" when you are "certifiably negative".
    2. Role of Dry Sauna: is to induce what is known as--though I admit perhaps esoterically-- a "pure sweat" additional physiologic effect is elevated Energy (i.e., heat energy) engages cellular oxidation which also includes lipolysi to make ATP , also and resultant cell membrane pores "breathing" along with vasoldilation which fluxes THC equilibrium. If one has the means and discilpline to conduct a daily dedicated regime of dry sauna, the benefits favor < 50 ng level in much shorter period of time less say 10 days.
    3. I might also add Swimming" to the list of key exergenics I suggested in OP--which really might be if coupled to dry sauna treatments would also cut it <50 ng.
  11. And please bear in mind that if you are Male 200 pounds and either mesomorph or greater morph and having no a priori knowledge of your "body fat ratio" is impossible to "Crystal Ball" your detection window. That is why I say conduct a personal "self-calibration" diagnostic of your pot intake and <50 ng time attainment. Factoring into this variable is the saying you at least enjoyed a full gram of pot at time zero and enjoyed that blaze---then set out to perform the "self-calibration" to yield the key datum "personal days to clear" on the UA.
  12. When taking a good hot sauna there is a lot of water loss and there is also quite an increase in heart rate.  Would this heart rate increase be of benefit?

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