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Excuses 4 red eyes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GanstaSmoker, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. What excuses have u used 4 bloodshut eyes?

    My Favorite: allergies
  2. "I am really high."
  3. the chronic duh =P
  4. I just woke up.
    I am tired.
    I was staring closely at a computer screen for too long.
    I am high, bitch. (Gotta throw in the bitch or it's no good)
  5. "My contacts are bothering me"

    "I have an infection, so instead of accusing me of something, I suggest you back up in order to save yourself the suffering of the same virus as I"

    "I didn't get much sleep"

    To most people it's just "I'm high bro"
  6. 'i was secretly filming upskirt videos for my website and some bitch pepper sprayed me..'
  7. Best one yet.
  8. Ask the person why their eye's are white :bongin:
  9. I got some dust in my eyes
    I was crying (followed by some excuse as to why you were u were crying, like you found out that your cat died for example)
  10. My two favourites
  11. this.
  12. I popped all the blood vessels in my eyes by straining during really rough sex.
  13. Or during a poop
  14. I was chopping some onions bitch
  15. Funnily enough, I had to justify my high today. I waltzed into work, not a care in the world, when a co-worker instantly commented on my stature. My eyes were white yet she somehow still noticed something. I nonchalantly blamed it on the previous night and being in a stuffy setting.
  16. Allergies, no sleep, I don't know. I don't know works well, provided you're still able to talk. Sound irate and you can pretty much say anything. Most people don't think of high + angry, so they'll assume its not pot, and most likely not care after that.
  17. I've never been in a position where I had to explain myself, to be quite honest.
  18. Mom: Hey, P! Why the fuck are your eyes all red??!??!?!?
    Me: HUH?
    Mom: Im no stupid, i am a nurse you know!!! u think im stupid!!!
    Me: say what now!
    Mom: Brawbahfpfjkfhjskf waaa waaa whine whine complain complain!
    Me: calm the fuck down i just smoked a fat fucking blunt full of dank shit, what do u expect?
    Mom: omg, ur smoking drugs again
    Me: Shut the fuck up bitch.

    thats how i see it in my head. it wasn't like that in reality. oh well.

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