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  1. I don't know if I'm having a brain fart or what but a $1.00 in GB money is worth $1.34 in U.S money. I should think me being in the U.S I would pay less because the u.s doller is worth $0.34 more then GB money? Can someone help me out on that please. And sorry for being a dumb ass this morning
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  3. So my bill from Bonza seeds at the check out was like $20.50+ or - so I should of had to give them less then that in u.s money right?
  4. Nah man a little bit more couple bucks
  5. When I'm talking to my boy in London he says something is 60 quid like a pound I would say it is 75 bucks usd
  6. Bonza huh never heard of them
  7. Oh ok. My bill came to around $30. 1/3 for the seeds 1/3 for shipping and 1/3 for the exchange rate lol
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  8. Check them out they have good feed back and they do have free shipping with out a reship but for around $11 they will reship till you get your order and tracking and you can buy one seed. That was my first ever order for seeds so I was a bit scared I gess you would say lol. Bonzaseeds
  9. Yeah man I've been attituding it up for 13 years or so. Don't be nervous the worst they do is send you a love letter saying they jacked your shit and say they destroyed it for lack of proper forms not allowed entry. I'll probably keep with the Tude and work with cuts of the dank phenos
  10. By the way thanks for the help I gess its been a very long morning for me to understand the exchange rate lol
  11. No worries man you had me messed up as well and I talk about it all the time. If you need advice on anything man let me know ill help ya out
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  12. So you have got one of there love letters before then lol ? I will check them out its allways good to have more then one place to buy from lol
  13. Yeah just got one last week. I don't know why I prefer them, good customer service they have hooked me up plenty good freebies too. Is this your first grow?
  14. That's cool. It will be my first grow with autos but I have 11 outside bag seeds growing now and they are around 30 days old and they are my "first grow"
  15. Legal state? If so lucky you!
  16. No not yet I'm in Vermont
  17. Nice man I spend quite a bit of time there should be in Brattleboro next month. I live about 2 hours from there.
  18. No shit that's cool man. I live 45 mins north of there lol
  19. Maybe we could hit up White River Jct. for a toke n float. In August got my kayak ready to go.
  20. Ya that would be cool man. How long have you been growing for and do you grow inside or outside?

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