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  1. What would happen if you took excessive LSD? Like above 800micrograms Would you completely disconnect? Or is it like pot, and can you only get so high off of it?
  2. Totally fried, but totally pysiologically safe. You'd be out of your mind until the comedown.

    Besides, if the 5-0 ever get at you then you gotta eat the vial :(
  3. WHAT?!? do they make u finish the acid or literally eat the vial?!?! lol im stupid i guess
  4. Yeah thats exactly what they are gunna make you do. You get caught by the cops and they make you finish all the acid you have on you, come on, get real.

  5. You'd be fine, but never the same again. After tripping THAT hard, I'm not sure if I'd stay sane or not.
  6. If I recall correctly, the only death from LSD was that dude in the 70's. 320,000 micrograms...

    I wonder what he saw.
  7. DAMN that would be some crazy shit.
  8. bullshit my mom worked in sanfran genral during the acid years and saw some fucked up things, people impailed on fences, just wiged out people, too much acid in the wrong place will make you snap

    unless your so centerd withyourself and have done alot of acid, you could probably handle it.
  9. back in the mid-sixties, 800+ mic trips weren't terribly uncommon with the LSD gurus of the time, and they all came out pretty ok.
  10. You can over dose on acid. My mom did, she took like 37 hits of it. Found a pill bottle on the sidewalk when she was eight and ate them all. She had a ceasar (SP) and swallowed her tounge, she was in the hospital in a coma for two days. Then she pulled out of it.
  11. unfortunately my bestfriend ate 20+ paper hits of some bomb LSD a week after our other friend died in a motor cycle accident.... he will never be the same :( .....He was running around naked in the streets of orlando, florida punching out windows.. it took a dozen cops to take him down he was tazed 3 times and kept yelling "IM THIZZELLE WASHINGTON" he was in the mental hospital for 4 days and he said he was still tripping days/weeks after the event...
  12. I ate a 1600 microgram tab once, I tripped hard. . .
  13. ah, i absolutely love LSD, such a wonderful drug, in moderation/the known limits of yourself.

    Plain and simple, lsd is NOT an everyone kind of drug. In terms of overdosing, it is one of the safest drugs out there. However, not everyperson can handle large doses. It is up to the responsibility of the user to know their limits and to use drugs they choose to consume in a responsible way
  14. @OP, 800 micrograms isn't that high a dose. From what I've read it takes like 400 just to experience open-eyed visuals (not just distortions, but actual visuals)... Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...

    It's not like pot where you can only get so high... The more you take, the harder you will trip. The trip can be small (like distortions, things breathing, etc.) to being completely disconnected from reality (referred to as a "level 5" trip, in which you completely lose touch with reality)...


    They won't make you finish it, you'd want to eat it before they found it on you so you don't go to jail for a loooong time... :D

    Super Troopers style! Hell yeah!

    "We're gonna stand here while you smoke the whole bag..."
    "...Please no"

    That's not really that high of a dose. I ate 10 400+ microgram blotters once (for a total of 4,000+ micrograms)... That was intense, and I could see someone losing their mind from that much -- but 800 isn't that high, really.

    Sorry to hear about your mom, but she didn't OD on acid... She ate a lot, and pretty much had a sensory overload, which is prolly what triggered her seizure... I know people who've eaten 100+ hits and are A-OK :D
  15. yep i knew an old hippy in athens, ohio who had sheets upon sheets of the stuff :D

    he'd tell stories about eating a sheet (100 hits) without blinking an eye, he absolutely loved trippin balls and was easily the coolest dude i have ever met in my life :hello:
  16. 100 hits, holy F***ing shit, they must have been like paralized for like 20 hours. Sonds like a blast though.
  17. i wouldnt do that if i where you

  18. old thread, i know.
    i'm pretty sure i actually heard something in the news a while back about something like that...

    if only i had orlando acid connects:(
  19. if you want to know about high dose acid experiences go to the shroomery and lookup chinacat thumbprint

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