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Exactly how do I make my piss yellow?

Discussion in 'General' started by Xieon, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. I have a probation drug test, and my piss CANNOT be clear.

    I have vitamins B-12 currently, but thats it.

    I've heard B-12 makes piss yellow, but have had no such luck

    Anyone with experience on how to color your piss and has PASSED a drug test, if so can you tell me what to do?

    I plan on chugging a ton of water during the day tommorow, but when should I take the pills, how many MG and exactly what pills make piss go to yellow, and how long do I have to wait before my piss goes from water to yellow water?
  2. Vitamin B-12 has always been what's reccomended around here, so it's strange that it didn't work for you. Just stop drinking water, if you've been doing a lot of that. Keep trying the Vitamin B-12. It can't hurt, so what the hell?
  3. Clear piss just means your hydrated. Is that against the law? You should flush with niacin, brah - not water.
  4. My PO is becoming a dickhead, I need yellow piss to get him off my case.

    Heres the thing: Lets say I drink a ton of water, then take the pills, once I piss out all the water, then I'll have real piss.

    If I drink water, and take the pills, then drink more water and take more pills, that doesn't seem to work.

    Anyone know the recommened MG to take of b=12 to get it yellow
  5. wow, if it has to be yellow then it's obviously to prevent you from over-hydrating yourself right before the test. that sucks.
  6. rockstar energy drink turns my piss dark yellow, i dont know if itll help you pass though, good luck

    --ive heard straight cranberry juice works? im not sure if its true
  7. Whens your test (if you said it in the first post sorry fer not seeing)? i say just go with niacin. take like 4 a day till your test and drink water, and just dont drink anything the day of the test, youll be a little dehydrated but your piss will be yellow
  8. look for a drink with b12 go t ogmc look around or an eckerd g/l bro (try some pepperment ice tea!)
  9. For those who took the b-12 or b and heard about it, when should I take it?

    If I'm drinking tons of water, right up untill the test, when should I take it, anyone knwo?
  10. I know how to pass a DT lolo, I'm just lookin for some ways to make my piss yellow, cause this b-12 nonsense isn't workin for me atleast. Or maybe they are time release or some shit, who knows

    Good looks on those numbers, I'll keep them in mind.

    I figure I'll just drink a massive amount of water (already in the process)
    Take a bunch of asprin during the day (just in case)
    Take a bunch of complex vitamins during the day, and some b-12 vitamins.

    I'll pass because of the water/asprin, hopefully it will be yellow, we shall see.
  11. clear piss means you're eating and drinking healthy... if you want dark piss drink a ton of coffee or coke.
  12. Eat asparagus. It makes your piss yellow and stinky
  13. If your unsure about the dosage of b-12, just take a whole bunch, you cant OD on it, your body pisses out whatever it cant use. My doctor told me that when i had a white blood cell deficiantcy or something. Thats why it would make your piss yellow, b/c the body didnt need that b-12. One 500 mcg pill is 8,333% (thats right, eight thousand three hundred and thirty three)of your daily recommended dose though, so unless you have some kind of major deficiancy like I did, you should be watering in color.
  14. ohh man fer sure. Asparagus piss is the worst. Eat a ton of it and make your PO smell it.:smoking:
  15. eat a bunch of fucking asparagus and you'll have some rank fucking green like piss haha... i suppose that would work wouldn't it?

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