Ex Mortgage broker shares facts about financial crisis

Discussion in 'Politics' started by canofan, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyrJoJnws18]Global Financial Crisis Rant - YouTube[/ame]

    its pretty slow until like 1:30 .. the last 5 minutes are pure gold hahaha

  2. bump!
  3. He had a very entertaining way of putting it.

    He has no hope; he said he thinks if we fix it, someone will come along and fuck it up again. But I think if we restore the Constitution and remember the importance of following it, we can clean our mess.

  4. is he not right though, their is always people without morals who do what is best for THEM and only them. Terminal Cancer.
  5. That's only harmful if there is a governmental power.

  6. ...businesses are run crooked as well.
  7. Who gives businesses the special regulations, subsidies, tax exemptions, bailouts, etc to put them at the top of their respective industries? ;)

  8. your taking my statement too literal, crooked people will always be on earth and find a way to corrupt mainstream media etc..

  9. There is a difference between a corporation and a government. You're much safer with a deregulated corporation than with a government.

  10. your safer with some governments.
  11. Of course there's corrupt business men too, but businesses don't have the power to force you to buy into their corruption. Governments do.
  12. I was a mortgage broker in 2000. Banks were giving away stated income, stated asset 125% LTV loans to people that they knew would never pay it back.

    I had clients that made 150k per year with no expendable income what so ever. They couldn't afford a burger on the dollar menu but they needed a second mortgage to pay credit cards.

    This has all been orchestrated.
  13. Exactamundo. A corporation can be as evil as it wants, it'll just make me not want to buy anything from them and when enough of us do the same, no more corporation :confused_2: I can't opt out of this evil government without making a huge change like moving out of the country entirely.

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