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  1. My ex-girlfriend left me two weeks ago after a 3.5 yr relationship, and she started seeing somebody else right after. Well, right after she dumped me, I went on strictly no contact, forgetting all the shit I said about us staying friends and always being there for each other, yadda yadda. It's hard to move on if she's constantly talking to you, wanting to be your friend. 
    I've been going out with friends, having a good time, trying to take my mind off of my ex. My facebook makes me look like the happiest guy on the planet. My friends all think I'm completely over her already, which is far from the truth, although I have been doing A LOT better since the first week, which was hell. As soon as i started realizing I was actually getting over her, she started trying to make contact with me! Yesterday, she snapchatted me a video of her at work, didn't say anything(if you're not familiar with this app, it's basically an app that allows you to send photos for a couple of seconds, until they disappear (I know what you're thinking ;))). You can send videos on it too. I didn't reply to it yesterday. This morning she texted me while I was at work, asking me how I liked my new job. I kept it very short and simple. I said "Easiest job ever." She replied " See i told you you would love it!" I said "yeah I love it." She replied "My job is pretty easy too." and I didn't reply. An hour later she liked a facebook post I made this morning. An hour ago she snapchatted me again, a photo of her and her mom.
    It's seriously killing me that she's bringing all of those emotions back, I was doing so much better. Now she has me over-analyzing every single thing, which is a serious flaw of mine. What do you guys think is her purpose in contacting me again? She seemed like she was doing great after the break-up, a lot better than I was. She started seeing some douchebag the next day. Aaahhhhh please toss me some insight!!! 

  2. Block...Her....Number...
  4. Cut all ties man all this is gonna do is prolong your suffering. She should have the respect to not put you through that.
  5. Sounds like the douche-bag got his nut off and ended it with her so she wants to go back to you. Don't do it because it will all happen again. 
  6. Ignore and Delete.
    Having a kinda similiar issue. Guy i cheated with has decided to fuck my head up some more.  It's hard emotionally but you just have to ignore and delete. 
  7. seem like she just checking up on you.
  8. I shouldn't have even responded in the first place, I was just being nice. God I'll never understand girls, hopefully women are better.
  9. OP, thank you so much for your post. I am sooooo greatful that I don't have to go through that bullshit anymore. I am free.
  10. Glad I can help man.
    Maybe you forgot about you guys staying friends, but that doesn't mean she did, nor does it seem like you communicated that to her. Of course she's going to keep trying to talk to you after saying all that. If you wanted to move on without any contact, you should have let her know.
    The "douchebag" was just a rebound.. she was in the same relationship as you, and is guaranteed to still have residual feelings as well. Her purpose is most likely to feel better by talking to you. She may have a new boyfriend but they're definitely not yet as close as you two are.
    If you want to cut it off, tell her. If she refuses, force it - technology makes it easy. If you think there's hope of getting back together and you want it, talk to her.
  12.  She left you, and now she wants you back.
    This is great. You have her right where you want her.
    But you need to clarify some things to her. You are not a yo-yo that can be thrown to the ground and with a simple pull of a string can be pulled back into your hand.
    If she's coming back to you after a "confused" or "break" episode, make her wait! Tell her that in this time apart things changed and now it's you who is uncertain and needs to think things through.
    Let her cry a little over you. Let her fear that maybe you don't want her back. Let her realize that she can't leave you whenever she feels like it and return when she wants to.
    Keep in mind, that if you cave in instantly and get back with her right away, she probably leave you again 3 days later.
    read my guide..http://forum.grasscity.com/sex-love-relationships/1219562-guide-how-do-deal-situations-women-18-tips.html
  13. She might be trying to get you back, but honestly man, I've been there done that with this one girl so many times... Break up, get back together, breakup. It just isn't worth the inevitable man. It's never the same after the first legit breakup. Don't go back. If you do, the above will happen to you, and you will remember this post.
  14. i dated a girl for three years until i realized she wasn't worth it. i haven't talked to her in 3-4 months, and now i feel happier being independent and doing what i want. i'm closer to my guy friends, and i get a good amount of ass with none of those stupid strings attached.
    i'd say just spend time with your friends and just learn to be happy that you're alive and breathing and that you live in this amazing universe. you are the only person in between you and your happiness, and you don't need anyone else to validate it
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    Yeah like everyone else said, it isn't worth the trouble.  An ex you were with for that long..it just isn't worth it dude.
  16. She really wants you back but she thinks you don't want her anymore so she's awkward with communication with you, but she probably regrets it and really still likes you. 
  17. She's texting me too, actually she just blew me. Ayyy
  18. I've been in a pretty similar situation before. The best thing you can do is just cut her off. She didn't think you were a good boyfriend, but she misses having you as her best friend. If you get close to her again, you're already perma-friendzoned and you'll have to chat with her while shes out screwing other dudes, then you'll get jealous and it's just gonna hurt you more. Block her number, block her facebook, just totally ignore her. Eventually she'll give up and let you move on in life.

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