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Discussion in 'General' started by guio, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I stopped smoking 8 months ago. I smoked for 35 years 1 pack per day, and I want to know if smoking marijuana might again take me to the habit of smoking cigarettes.
  2. I think that's dependent on you. I don't get an urge to smoke cigs from weed though.
  3. I think it would help actually.

    A lot of people use weed to get off physically dependent drugs.
  4. You'll always have that monkey with you my friend, just keep asking yourself if 8 months is worth a weak moment! Cause there's no once or one won't hurt.
    1 year for me in November after 28 years smoking. PM me sometime
  5. I smoked cigs for at least that long...when I quit there was no urge from weed to go back to tobacco. It smells like shit to me now.
  6. Congrats on kicking that habit dude.

    I quit about 21 months ago (beginning of last year) and used to smoke a pack a day like yourself.
    Since quitting I've smoked pounds of pot; I don't get the urge to buy a pack of cigs when I'm bent, chilling at home with friends.

    I still got heaps stong urges to smoke cigs when I'm around mates at clubs/pubs/poker games when they smoke though, especially when I'm drunk.

    I don't think smoking pot will make you smoke cigs again man, but i dont think you'll ever loose the urge to smoke cigs if it was a really frequent and habitual. (hopefully the urges become weaker in the next few years)
  7. Its all on you man. If you smoked while you were high, then it might be a trigger. Stay away from anything that you did while smoking

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