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  1. the other morning i noticed my sons toothbrush had dried up toothpaste all over it so i washed it off put it back and tthen a while later told them to brush their theeth for school....ten years and i have to tell them twice a day or they WONT do it,,...."i dont care if i have bad breath"....well i care and i refuse to put braces on those things if there all full of cavities! PERIOD! so after a few minutes he comes out "MOM SOMEONE TOOK MY TOOTHBRUSH HELD IT IN THE TOILET AND PEED ON IT",.."no honey i washed it off,......
    later while brushing my teeth the thought struck me...WHY,... why on earth would his first thought BE someone held his toothbrush and then urinated on it? eek! do you think?... he's always mad at me. sometimes my toothbrush is wet.....you wouldnt thinnk he would do such a thing????
    right off the bat my husband laughed and said eww, buy new toothbrushes NOW. i cant believe my sweet boy would ever do sush a thing,
    BUT why on earth would that be his fist thought tho?....kinda makes you think.
    AND gives a new meaning to the phrase 'potty mouth' he said he didnt,....but.....
    so now im wondering if ive been as fresh as i thought..lol
    oh and it would be me as the target no doubt. eww.
    kisses to all :D
  2. LMAO.....you never can tell wtf they are thinkin' or why!! I have one nearly 17 & one 11, and they never cease to amaze me!! The stuff they come up with sure keeps life interesting and entertaining LOL. Did he by any chance watch that reality series where they had a bunch of people crammed in a house! I know they showed the ol' dunk the toothbrush in the toilet revenge play on it!! Was really gross, but funny, and the culprit fessed up to the crime before the owner of the toothbrush used it again.....thank god!! :smoking:
  3. no-way jose' on the big brother show thing.
    he's a handfull but THIS, this is outthere even for him.
    athought now that i think about it,...there has been some issues of boogers, the lamp and his sisters room.
    prob T.M.I. but i just remembered that....
    i just wonder WHEN and HOW many times he might have done it.
    maybe thats why he wont get smootched anymore :D an i thought it was his age...
    this is up there with my children eating worms,...btw ive been told they taste like dirt. i swear my babies look normal.
  4. Thanks for giving those of us with no children something to look forward to.lol
  5. yea like not having children [​IMG]
  6. lol @ critter and his peeing monkeys :D
    eew highawatha that is so gross! i would keep your toothbrush under lock & key from this point on :D
    hahaha this one still has me laughin :)
    to me it looks like your kid confessed without having to confess :D
  7. Critter you are funny. Don't you wish you could have had a toothbrush smiley. That woulda been funny as hell!

    Highya you never can tell what kids will do for kicks these days. I hope you haven't been having pooty breath. I am with critter on this---no more kisses till i smell your breath!!!!!
  8. now see here! i aint gonna put up with no teasin' ive had a new brush for days!!! i expect NOT to see any reference to this erm, little what if...pop up in any future threads,...otay?;) highawatha has nice breath and nice boobies too damnit! (im going to look like quite a retard with my last little joke there to some, but at least i know a few of you ARE SMILING!) :p
    *hugs, hehe
  9. You use a tooth brush on your boobies too?hehehe
  10. only if i get carried away with the toothpaste :D
  11. LMAO at ya'll.....it dosen't take long to regress to childhood when having fun does it LOL :smoking:

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