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  1. I was sitting here and thinking about evolution, like how we dont use our impendix(sp?) and we only need one kidney and all that good stuff. Everyone knows how we have the THC things in our head which cause us to get high. So i was wondering if after generations and generations of stoners breeding, (haha rereading that sentence sounded funny) if after time our brains would get use to soo much thc going through our brains and sooner or later have no effect. I absolutly have no fucking idea, so what are your thoughts?
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    i dunno, we've been eating food for thousands of years and it still seems to rejuvinate the body and we still need similar amounts, while other animals dont need to eat as much due to lack of food in their environment, i dont tolerance to drugs can be passed down, though tolerance to certain conditions can be, like to the cold or hot, but even then you dont see naked eskimo's after living in arctic conditions for thousands of years, they still wear heavy clothing

    humans havent really evolved at all for thousands of years, only intelligence has evolved, everything else about us has remained the same since we changed from cavemen to homosapiens

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