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  1. when i start using past tense it's because i'm getting into the frame of mind and stage of thought and consider the possibilities.

    this may sound goofy but here goes anyways.

    random theory

    what if computer binary became so advanced and complex that they had to add the two. that would't stop them though. soon they'd have run out of number because every number from 0-9 had been used. what if we had to invent a new digit beyond 0 and 9? would we therefore become much smarter? we would became master minds and an extremely intelligent race by birth. therefore some would fall behind in the process of evolution from a strong human mind to a superior mind. evolution is inevitable.

    but then what would happen if we ran out of symbols? in order for the symbols to run out they would need to be very complex. it is seemingly impossible to recognize an infinite number of symbols. but to the evolved mind, who knows all symbols and digits by heart, this is easy. and they are the ones who will conquer the humans. the two strongest always battle it out in every situation you can think of. cain and abel, U.S. presidential election, king kong vs. godzilla. it's part of our mythology.

    it's too bad we can only look one step ahead at a time. i can't figure out why we could possibly run out of symbols or how anybody could memorize every last one of them.

    but going back to binary. if humans and computer were to develop at the same rate it would be disastrous. but computers are actually developing much faster than humans. we do create them, but not all of us are as intelligent as the people who make them. it's like planet of the apes movies. the monkies wer domesticated are given so much care that they eventually learned to speak and learn their real purpose, to from escape the shackles that man had imposed on them. they rose up by force and violence - it was kill or be killed. they were proud to have conquered an entire race and render them to salivating slaves.

    what if machines and robots and computers rose up and conquered the human race? not an original idea but i'm trying to put more sense into it. the only thing i can imagine that can harvest that much information in this era in time is a computer. they are already replacing jobs around the world. what's to stop them from having a mind of their own? then the vicious cycle of evolution will begin once again. but this dominant race is machine - metal and plastic among other materials. they are destroying the world's resources indirectly because of our greed. if they had a free mind they would actually NEED to destroy the earth's resources on their own.

    then the question for survival among machines is not the need for knowledge but for resources. they will be a dying race because they no longer have the need to become stronger (because the humans were conquered). no more digits or symbols, but minerals. that makes way for the next superior being. when they do run out of resources and run out of planets, they will not evolve anymore. they will be in a stasis. their need now is to merely survive in a world with nothing. so what has more energy and can produce the most renewable energy in the known universe?

    that's up to you all to decide. and if there is one, were the computer smart enough to take this precaution and save it as a "plan B" from the very beginning of their conquest? maybe. who knows. what if they did though. would they ever run out of this energy? as far as we know it's impossible to create infinite energy but we only transform it. we cannot build a perpetual machine. but what if the machines knew how to do that? they are certainly smarter. we will never know.

    and for the record, yes i'm stoned.
  2. well I'm sure u were high when u wrote this and if gota level withya I'm bussen right now wo i was when i read it and i only got through a few sentances when i found a way to shoot the shit outa your theory right away we couldnt invent a new number other than 0-9 because we didnt invent 0-9 to begin with so how the fuck could we make up a new number but besides that i didnt ttake the time to read your whole theory so w/e :p
  3. May I ask who the fuck invented 0-9?
  4. i did.

    anyways, i dont think a computer could ever really revolt. I mean, a computer is just a REALLY intense calculator, and when you plug in some variables, and answer comes out. 2 + 2 can never equal 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1, 5006, 12735. it can only equal 4. thus the computer will always do as told. anything otherwise is a problem in the hardware, not the software, so it couldnt possibly lead to a change in the computers function...

    just some thoughts i had?

  5. The Indians (as in India, not Native Americans). We call them Arabic numerals because Europeans got the system from Arabs, but the Arabs got them from India.

    The thing with binary is that it represents the presence or absense of something; electricity, magnetism, pits in a CD, etc... If you were to add more to it, then you'd have to start defining your system as "how much voltage of electricity" and so on.

    I think the future of computing might be in using light instead of electricity. Recently experiments have slowed light photons and even stopped them, and one of the biggest possible implications of that is in computing.
  6. eeweerrrrrrrrrrrrR! sorry rong answer... GOD or whatever earthly creator you believe in invented them cause theyve been around since the begining if exhistance and no one with a name invented them mathmatics is THE universal language
  7. Close but you're way off...

    We're not talking about the fact that 2+2 has always been 4, but the actual system of assigning the arbitrary labels of "2" and "4" to a certain number of things, and how you work with those abstract labels to make calculations.

    Edit: I didn't mean to come off as an ass, that first lines from a Simpsons quote :)
  8. I'm not sure how plausible binary code extension is. I could be wrong, but the most digits we could get is probably 3 (0,1, 0and1)
  9. While a computer can't realy think on its own, programs are now made to evolve and learn to a predetermened amount. They can change to adapt to their current needs. This is currently limited by the person that created the program, but I believe one day a program will be writen that will be made that can predict needs and evolve like a life form. When this happens all we can do is hope to contain it before it takes over the world.

  10. Where do you think india got them from, Atlantis
  11. this has brought mt to think- what will the technology of computers be like in about 1000 years- some computers very well might be able to learn and grow (mentally)like humans, lif u look at how fast the technology is changing today. But by then we'll probably have to have large amounts of people on other planets. the world will be so much more complicated, i'm kind of thankful i live in a simpler world.

  12. YOu don't have to memorize every last one, for instance you don't know chinese, or japanese, those languages both feature symbols in there writing.
  13. We don't need to invent a new number and neither does anyone else, because we have all the numbers we need. If you started using a base 11 number system, all the numbers would be the same, just represented differently. Already in common use are base 2 (binary), base 8 (octal), base 10 (decimal) and base 16 (hexadecimal). Using different bases doesn't make you smarter, just different. Base 2 is easier for computers b/c there are 2 states for the computers, on and off. Base 10 has just been used for so long by people that it seems normal. If everyone had used base 8 or base 16, then that would seem normal and base 10 wouldn't. Using base 10 in that situation wouldn't make you any smarter or better.

    Also about computers evolving above humans, it's been discussed before in the spiritualty and philosophy forum. My take is, that you would have to create a computer with the ability to "remember" and classify experiences and also give the ability to modify it's source code based on those experiences. It's possible, but I don't think we would want to do it. Think about it. For what purpose would you want to create a machine with full artificual intelligence? It would be easier, more efficient, and safer to create machines that have specific purposes and possibly limited artificial intelligence in some situations, but full artificial intelligence would serve no real purpose. Plus, if we created a machine w/ full artificial intelligence, it would be hard to protect some areas of the code so that it could not be modified. The only problem would be if it became aware of this restriction and created another machine with a copy of it's code, but was able to modify it w/o the restriction. This would still be difficult, b/c it is hard to recreate source code from executables. The machine would have to have several different programs installed on it that wouldn't need to be installed and you could eliminate the ability for it to self-install such programs. Now I'm just thinking out loud. I'm a computer science major so I think about stuff like this.
  14. it may not have a purpose but some idiots who are smart in a computer sense will -try- it, at some point in time
  15. i didnt read half of this but im going to add my theroy.

    A.I is possible, even with binary. anything can be done with binary, you can only trluy have to outcomes. yes or no.

    do i eat the bread, yes or no. same for a computor. saying later is basic saying no. so you dont need other mnumbers.

    so therefore(i came up with this on salvia) if a computer kept dsiging pregrams to make smatrt programs that make smart programs, its the same as evolution, eventully they would reach our intelligence. where they're are so many yes or no questions and so many ways it can devise the outcomes.

    cos really everything is a yes or no outcome. Basicly thinking. and if it needed another digit, one prgram would add it, evolvig. and if we let it, it would grom beyond our controll.

    but thats still a long way off

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