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Evolution and Racism

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Mr. Mojorising, May 19, 2010.

  1. Your starting point is unscientific. You are mistaking a theory for a fact.

    Further, you are drawing theological conclusion from (weak) scientific information. On what grounds do you do such a thing? I didn't realize the scientific method was able to engage metaphysics.

    And this is why the phrase "Scientism" is becoming more and more common. People who only bother to learn things that their world view, present those things as fact, and then claim those things are theological truths that disprove other theological truths.

    Which is the height of irrationality.
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    Thanks for the corrections to some of my premises. I was feeling good at the time and wanted to start a positive thread that shows how all our are origins are commonly linked.

    All races originated from a common source. The thread has a friendly tone of debate of these issues. And has presented some interesting facts.

    Thanks for participating in the discussion and please continue.

    As far as the multiverse goes it seems to be a viable theory and I agree who knows what could be out there. That said intelligent life in other universes is entirety possible but the distances are so great it is unlikely they will come to earth let alone our universe.

    The Multiverse theory may also prove a common link between all life forms in the Multiverse may have a common origin, just like the forest of Africa, are accepted by most as the origin of Humans

    [ame=""]Multiverse theory by Dr Michio Kaku[/ame]

  3. I apologize. I did my research and apparently there are some pretty neat African mega-cities and civilizations. Through my years of learning in this ass backwards city that I live, many teachers (of all backgrounds) had preached that a vast majority of the slaves that were brought over were from tribes. Tribes that could be compared to Native Americans: hunters, gatherers, simple huts, specific languages (what we may call not so civilized).

    If that were true then my thinking may have been right. If they didn't know much of the outside world and had no real form of education other than fables and tribal skills that were passed down, then the IQ capacity would in theory stay relatively low.

    This is where you're going to get upset, no offense intended.
    Why are black children not understanding the 'American paradigm' of: Grow up, get a job, find a mate, reproduce, die.

    This isn't exactly proven, but neither is evolution. If this is true today, then we can assume it was also true since the beginning of time. If my ancestors came from Africa, they had to learn to live in Africa; they had all this time to become more 'advanced' in Europe; and then they set off to Americas. Technically European-originated Americans spent more time learning and adapting (because generations learn the old AND the new).

    Theoretically everyone that is alive on Earth today is equal; but only because we reproduce around the same time (ages ~13-30). We are however very different because of our bloodlines.


    You can't possibly believe that these two are equal:
    Tribe -> America
    Tribe -> Europe -> America

    Just found this and thought it might help.

    I'm always open to change my knowledge of a subject, for I am only human who almost subconsciously finds patterns in data and can apply it to subjects. This is how we learn and discover new ideas. Don't rule out ANYTHING.

    If our immune systems are affected, then more than likely EVERYTHING in EVERYONES body could be affected by evolution. If we adapted in our ways, they adapted in theirs.

    I'm not saying we've been everywhere, I'm saying we've been to MORE environments (check that picture up there).

    They do? Like, their ancestors came from America? If a white guys ancestors aren't from America...I sure as hell don't think black people came from here. You're thinking too present, walk down the ancestry tree.


    Please expand your vocabulary to the modern, more Ebonic meaning of BEAST.
    ^^ I learned that from my black friends ;)

    And thank you for proving my point that black people are more biologically athletic. It is because of their bloodlines. Not sure how it is racist if it is true.

    Hey everyone, look at this future scholar. :laughing:
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    Sarcasm | Define Sarcasm at

    sar·casm  /ˈsɑrkæzəm/ –noun
    1. harsh or bitter derision
    or irony.
    2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

    With the knowledge of this arcane form of derision I recommend you go re-read that part of my post.

    But don't just gloss over the point about Jews and basketball this time because that contains the point I was really trying to make, which is this: race differences are socially-constructed. The popular prejudice today is that black people are biologically better at athletics, but really the preponderance of blacks in sport today is a trend of the modern day. If you look back just a few decades it was weighted towards Jews. In a few decades it might be another ethnicity entirely and we'll be constructing theories about why the Chinese or whatever are so good at sport.

    We make up these differences, box people into different parts of our society based on those differences and treat them differently, and then when they experience different outcomes we point to the differences as though they were justified in the first place.
  5. man I took this guy serious until I saw he misspelled "weak" when criticizing religion. Then I just thought he is an idiot.

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