Evil Dead(s)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by MrGers, May 12, 2010.

  1. Who seen the Evil Dead Trilogy?
    I'm currently watching Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn but will soon be starting Evil Dead 3 aka Army of Darkness. I've never seen AoD oddly enough, I hear it's great(ie Jack Black in High Fidelity). I was told DbD was just The Evil Dead, cept with more blood. All I see is Bruce Campbell getting the shit kicked out of him. Ole BC is badass though, for sure.
    It's funny cause I'm stoned, dunno if I'd like it sober. Can't wait for Army of Darkness:hello:
  2. Evil dead fucking rules. I got a chance to see the musical when it came to town, That was fucking nuts.
  3. Love them shytz
  4. Awesome movie! shop smart shop s-mart!
  5. I love evil dead, Im not sure if the second or third is my favorite. I will say that the third is a full out comedy though as opposed to the comedy/horror of the second one.
  6. awesome man
    hard to say that how much i like
    me watch it with my friendz all of them just love it
  7. Been a fan for years now of the series, and yes, as others have classified it, these movies are in fact "horror/comedy" genre. I love them, and I think you're gonna love the 3rd one too.

    Check out Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz too, you'll probably like those.

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