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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Corn Man, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So this morning I go out to my growbox to discover that the breaker had broke and power went out and everything is frozen. The soil, my water in my cloner. I just put my heater out there and turned the lights up full blast. The flowers are a little wilted. I am expecting total failure, I just wanted another opinion before I ordered more seeds. Two of the plants had been in veg for over 2 months if that matters as far as rooting goes.
  2. You can be fine just watch her man. Farmers actually freeze their crop to preserve the flower. Just let it slowly thaw out and don't switch the lighting schedule.
  3. WTF? ice crystals destroy cellular walls. Why on gods green earth would a farmer freeze flowers? They DO however run at extremely low temps to preserve flowers and stave off wilting and degradation
    If i were you OP i would try takin some cuts and hope for the best.
  4. Look it up man farmers in the north with freeze fruit and flowers to preserve them through the cold it acts as an insulator through deep temps look it up and check what your saying before you bash it. Not trying to be an a** but they actually do it believe it or not google it there should be an article somewhere. You should be fine man if so he says it will kill it and destroy cell walls then why would take some cuts help at all seeing as they will be dead? Hmmm idk either. I wouldn't cut it or anything in order to keep from shocking it any more
  5. I just went out there two hours later and the small plants are still hard but the big plants are already thawed, probably because it is just a giant root ball since they have been in veg for well over two months and it's only a five gallon pot. The cloning machine is also thawed, I will post results and hopefully we will know for any other growers unlucky enough to have this problem.
  6. Good luck man. Wish best of luck either way
  7. Day one update, outlook is not so good. Everything is crazy wilted, but there is still some fight in them. Going to let them be and I will be back with a day three update.
  8. Whatever farmers may do to some other kind of plant, MJ cannot take a hard freeze like that.
  9. are these plants in a shed and is there now a heat source in there for those cold nights
  10. They are in a shed with a heat source, it's just when all the power went out, they froze up and I don't constantly watch them so we will see, I don't have much faith but I'm gonna hope.
  11. How are they looking today?

    chill & smoke some bud!
  12. I didnt catch the power went out how long was it out for
  13. [quote name='"xxxjailbait420"']I didnt catch the power went out how long was it out for[/quote]

    I'm pretty sure he said just threw the night, the break poped n the middle of the night and when he got up and checked the girls out in the moring they were frozen pop sickle sticks.

    chill & smoke some bud!
  14. Can you post some pics of the damage?
  15. I am tearing it all down tomorrow if I don't see anything positive coming about, we will see. Going to be hard to let those two mother plants go ='(
  16. Dont do that bring them inside from the cold and bud out at least
  17. They are dead, I have it running now to thaw them out but unless I see ANY turn around tomorrow then they are dead. I literally got done topping, trimming, and cloning them THAT day, so they were already super stressed from that.
  18. Thats so sad if thats the case I truly feel bad for the girls and u however I agree did the clones at least start to take
  19. [quote name='"Corn Man"']I am tearing it all down tomorrow if I don't see anything positive coming about, we will see. Going to be hard to let those two mother plants go ='([/quote]
    Sorry to hear that. That's no fun at all. How old were ur mothers? Have u ever thought about just bring ur grow box inside? just so that never happens again? Best of luck.

    chill & smoke some bud!

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