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Everything I need to know about growing weed

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Annomynous1670, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Hey guys I wanted to stop smoking damp wet sea weed, and grow some quality bud for medicinal purpose, instead of put money into pockets I can get it for free with in reason of the law!, can someone tell me there method, I mean feeding, what sort of feed to give them etc please help
  2. First you need to start with lights/ventilation if you are growing indoors? Do you plan or growing outdoors? You will still need to choose soil pots etc. What do you already have planned out.
  3. Monday I will have my 400 watt hsp light, for the first 1/2 weeks I have them under 4, 77w bulbs until I get my proper one, I have my fan there and and plenty ventilation, rooms always areated, just had trouble with my last two seedlings they 4cm above soil then both shell of the seeds came off. 2 days after planting n I never touched them, atm I'm gathering the money for ph up or ph down the pH digital reader, and I will need to the know the most organic fluids to mix with my water to help my babies bud
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  4. Dolomite lime in the soil is better for ph correction than ph up/down

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  5. To set the record straight, there's no such thing as 'free', even if someone were kind enough to give you seeds or clones, everything else cost money and lot of attention. For new starters, it's best to start with soil or soiless medium , both of which offer some buffering(aka room for errors) compared with hydro.

    Focus on giving the plants the right amount of light, water, nutrients, adjust to the right pH and EC level. Avoid the pitfall of some sales people trying to make us feel as if you can ONLY grow MJ with specialised MJ nutrients. Granted, these special nutrients are good in boosting perhaps, 20% yield, provided you have gotten all the basics right.

    Read up more about various types of growth, watch some grow videos. For growing in soil, I would steer clear of 'sponsored' grow videos trying to convince me to spend hundreds of dollars buying special nutrients of a certain company.
  6. Or better still go into the cultivating section in GC, select Organic's and read "No Till" thread. If you're growing for medical reasons Organic's are the only way to go.


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  7. Try George Cervantes's grow bible.

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