Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, sucks?

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  1. Pardon if there's some rambling here but I need to know if anyone else feels this way.
    So I've been diagnosed with Bipolar Depression and a severe anxiety disorder since I was younger.
    That may be a key factor.

    But I've always strongly disliked almost everything about the world we live in. A lot of people say that people with depression and anxiety disorders have a heightened sense of empathy. I believe that's true, and may be part of this. But my view on the world has always made me a very angry person. Not until probably a few years ago did I figure out why. Much more so in the past year.
    Our entire existence is built on the existence of corporations and the rich and greed and what they see fit. We parade around exclaiming how "free" we are, but are practical slaves to a made up concept. We don't look out for each other. Most people are selfish pigs these days. And I mean most. Hell, when I have the extra money I buy shit I don't need. When I could be thinking about people that don't have shit. Don't get me wrong I give food to the homeless and do some good when the chance arises. But to an extent, Everyone is guilty of it. Why? I get we're not perfect. But I'm mainly placing more of the blame on the well off who do nothing.
    There's another thing. Homeless people. How in the hell can we call ourselves humane or kind hearted when there are millions of homeless people throughout this country alone that have absolutely nothing. Maybe that's there fault but who are we to condemn them?
    Some people have houses five times to big for there family. Firstly it's an unethical use of space and vulgar display of wealth. Secondly, some of these people could literally afford to feed a city. Hell I'd bet there are celbrities that could do even more so. Society was built in the entirely wrong direction.
    Also, Today, if you walk up to someone and just talk to them, about just anything, chances are 90% of those people are either going to feel uncomfortable with the interaction or completely ignore you. When did it become strange to talk to each other? Why are we so distanced from each other?
    Yet everyone can get online and suddenly be this talkative Nancy.

    We've got corrupt justice systems. Charities that you know damn well are keeping most of the money (whether they say so or not), a government that would see us die before genuinely wanting to help with anything at all, (i.e. Cure for cancer.) you know damn well that shit exists. We've got a quarter or more of the young population growing up to be fucking hoodlums that are conditioned by media to think being some kind of wanna be thug is what's up.
    We've got a drug addicted country dropping like flies to this man made shit.
    the "War on Drugs"? How about the largest ruse in history. Overdose rates are rising and 80% of drug bust news I see is for marijuana. Do you think that's the work of a gov that wants to keep you alive?

    Look, my main point, is that in almost every aspect of life, you can see deceit, selfishness, pain, and dwindling hope.
    We are for sure past the point of no return and lately I really have felt like just cutting it short. The Big Bang. Out like a light. If it weren't for my son on the way, I don't think I'd be here today. I'm simply not happy. It's very hard to be when everywhere I look I'm reminded of how much I hate my surroundings. I don't need pity I just need to know if anyone else feels like this on a regular basis. And if so how have you dealt with it? Do i walk around like a dwindling piece of meat until I eventually go mad or have no feelings?

    Hope someone actually reads through this shit. My brain is everywhere today I'm sorry if it seemed jumpy or just not on track.
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  2. Nah bro I found out today the medication I'm on was causing me to have chest pain which means I'm no longer anxious or think in dying :yay:

  3. Science has shown us that the universe is expanding.


    So the universe doesn't suck...it blows.
    The world is indeed full of shit...but you don't necessarily have to step in it.

    I don't mean to be simple, but that is how I see it. It isn't my responsibility to correct every negative thing; I just have to create more positive things. :ph34r:

    Hope this helps. Peace.
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  4. Wake up smoke some weed when you start to think negatively smoke again try meditation I know it might sound gay or stupid but everyone's meditation is different close your eyes control your breathing and think about something that makes you happy (titties, weed, fast cars, your family, favorite child hood memory) I hate the world we live in too so every chance I get I try to escape it and live In my own personal reality I also found out that the less I talk to and deal with people generally the happier I am

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  5. A few people have told me to try meditation. My aunts real big into it. Maybe I will. Little weird to me but fuck why not try.
    I've been looking around at new places to change up the scenery. I really want to move to the country. Neighbor every half mile or more.
    As it is now I just stay home a lot of the time that I'm free.
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  6. So just to be clear... You are thinking of whacking yourself because people are mean and the world is a stinky place, but somehow you thought it was a good idea to bring a child into this terrible world? Your shit outlook is going to rub off on that poor child. Not cool.
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    Oh wow there's news, people with bipolar depression think about killing themselves. Gosh I think everybody should yell at me for it. That makes perfect sense.

    Shit outlook? Look around you. I didn't plan on this child. Accidents do happen. I suppose you suggest abortion. Prove my point.
    As for me rubbing off on him; I plan on teaching him what not to be like, teaching him to care about something other than money or the latest social media, and teaching him how people should be treated. That sounds good enough to me.
    Also I'm actively seeking help, and obviously conversing with my peers on the subject. What are you doing? Commenting on something with a punk ass attitude that does not pertain to you.
  8. I try that but sometimes it's just hard to ignore. It's not even always shit that happens to me necessarily. When I see a homeless person. When I watch tv. Just some things trigger thoughts about world wide ordeals and it honestly gets me down when it's coupled with my own shit that I've got.
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  9. Pretty common view points. You're not alone in your thinking.
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  10. Definitely not alone in this thinking OP.

    A lot of it is (un)fortunately just perception. The things you mention absolutely exist, but so do good things.



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  11. Digging the gifs lol
    I know there's good. But there's so little compared to the negative that I see.
    The bads just a major distraction.
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  12. Just from the title i can tell that's no way to think. No way to live. Create your meaning to your life, negativity will destroy the soul and the mind. Best of luck.

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    The internet plays a big role in this I feel. It is a much more powerful sociopsychological tool than people realize.

    If someone is not careful, they can find themselves going down some very dark rabbit holes online.
    Let's face it, there is everything from child porn to animals being eaten alive, to real live human murder available online. If, for whatever personal reasons, someone ends up consuming (too) much of that kind of material, their life can get seriously dark. Not saying OP is there, just pointing out how deep and dark the rabbit holes can get online, if someone actively disregards the psychological impact of material consumed.

    So along with the Smiles and Cries analogy, we also have a digital responsibility to ourselves to control ourselves in terms of the type of material we consume. I , for example, like old school cheesy action movies, but I know if I watch 18 hours of people getting shot in the face, I may be painting myself into a bleak mental corner.
    Another big one for most people is the type of music they constantly listen to. Maybe 18 hours of emo songs about how everything is hopeless, isn't the best fuel to get you going in life.

    Obviously, not everyone is affected the same, but if people can get as far as suicide, I'd like to know what rabbit holes got them there.
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  14. I always find it interesting when someone has depression, anxiety, bipolar and describes the overall feeling of being down. I can completely see how being an empath would lead to a very down view of the earth. We are given this little planet to treat properly and all we have done is destroy it and take from each other. In reality the world is the best it's ever been, the hold of those greedy corporate bastards is losing its grip.
  15. It's disgusting how we've been destroying our surroundings for endless years. I believe society was built in the entirely wrong direction from the get go.
    I view humanity as more of a cancer upon the rest of existence. It just feels as though we could have been so much more than we are.
    We can only hope that the corporations do take a tumble. But to me it seems very far fetched considering how far their grasp has extended. They've driven ideals into the youth of the world to attempt at holding control and it seems to be working, as people seem to be more materialistic and selfish than ever.
    But I'm hanging on by the hope that things will change.:Love-Plant:
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  16. It's one of those things that where it all depends on what you read. I feel with technology and alternative news sources, our generation is understanding more of who's really in power. Once all those Rockefellers and Rostchilds start dying and our generation is in power we will see a change! Just to have to stay positive. Humans aren't inherently evil we've just lived thousands of years being guided by our egos and less our hearts. I was reading that now because of trading country to country we are at a time in human history where it's more "profitable" to have a trading partner alive instead of just invading their land for the crop or material.
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  17. That's true you only see a lot of what they want you to. Do they have offspring? Anyone in line to take their place?
    Gotta wonder who the torch is passed down to.

    I just looked it up and apparently David Rockefeller died in march. Fucking Jacob Rothschild is still kicking.
  18. Not your epitaph I'm guessing -

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  19. Good guess :bang:
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  20. With plenty of external abundance, like lots of stuff, gadgets, 'entertainments' (distractions), easier lives, plenty of food- and with reflection, we are realizing the emptiness of our inner lives & starting to search in that direction. Even with so much, people are still unfulfilled, depressed & searching for more. Meditation, yoga, healthy diets are becoming popular in the West for this reason.

    Pain, suffering, loss and hardships are great teachers bringing much potential. It's impossible for everything to be 'perfect' or ideal all of the time, because the light and dark are one in the same in this dualistic world. When everything goes easy, not much is learned and there is no motivation to transform, to try harder or to become stronger. "Pray not for easier lives, but to be stronger Men" JFK
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