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Everyone who passed a drug test with exercise

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Ninja20p, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. How much did you work out, for how long, and how much did you toke.

    I'm trying to get my math right, and if I calculate a medium between a few people I will know how to smoke and pass bi-weekly tests.

    p.s. just for the record, how many people think it is possible to pass a test 4 days after a joint or blunt, working and drinking water or green tea before then?
  2. hahaha,thats like asking ''how long until you lose 10 pounds''
  3. I guess it kinda is.. But I am still interested, because it still fits.
  4. Takes me two days to get marijuana out my system. But I drink like 12 bottles of water per day if not more.
  5. How do you know its out? Do you test it, I need as accurate as possible if you can..
  6. Yeah. My dad bought a drug test two days after I smoked and I passed. He knew I smoked he just did it for the fuck of it I guess.
  7. bi-weekly tests sound pretty serious, I'd recommend just t-breaking.

    But anyway, I smoked about a gram every day for a week before finding out the job I applied for required a test before they can hire you, and I had said I could start right then. I managed to stall it for 5 days, during which time I ran about 30 minutes a day and played frolf and other such outdoor stuff just to get me to sweat. I drank a lot of water just to have plenty in my system at all times, and I drank quite a bit before the test. It was slightly yellow tinged, but they accepted it and to my knowledge, I haven't failed.

  8. Haha, two days is pretty neat, I'm guessing it was a bowl or something? Not a blunt?

    Hmm, I was excited to see that you just did 30 minutes and worked on sweating, but at the end you said you deluded the test, and so far it hasn't been working for me :/ very upsetting yes, dilutes count as failures alot of the time.
  9. I passed a drug test and I smoked 2 days before the test. Just drink a lot of cranberry juice. It flushes it out of your system, well at least it did for me. I'd say if your being tested bi-weekly, smoke for the first week and then the second week drink lots of water and cranberry juice and excersize a lot. You're not guarenteed to pass the test but depending on your metabolism and body fat, you should be fine. What kind of test is it? If its one of those strip tests that you dip the stick in, you should pass no problem. Thats the kind of tests my parents gave me and I'd smoke all day everyday until 2 days before the test and I passed everytime!

  10. Ah that time I actually believe it might have been a bong but it wouldn't of been just a bong or two. At that point in my life three years ago all I did was wake up, get high, repeat. I'm actual surprised there was a two day span I didn't get high in.
  11. Jog a couple of miles every day for a week combined with heavy water drinking should make you clean.
  12. Just wondering what jobs are you guys doing that it requires a drug test?

  13. Cranberry flushes it? without diluting too?

    Dip your stick? Its just a standard Urinalysis, tests for a majority of recreational drugs, no specific ones.

    That gives me alot of hope!

    Thats my plan so far.

    Ahh, people who claim only time scare the bah-jeezuz out of me.

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