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Everyone smokes?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tarantaya, May 16, 2006.

  1. Well, ive been smoking for a pretty long time and i have a couple friends that dont smoke, and i always said, man they would be so cool to smoke with...But i never thought they would actully do it. But yesterday, one of my favorite friends that never smoked before, and i never ever thought he would...well he actully smoked with me and couple friends...and it was so amazing just too enjoy it with him...but it made me notice, that everyone i know, that was so against smoking, they now smoke as much as me, or i hear someone saying how much they wanna try it. i guess it's kinda weird, but its really great to see everyone enjoy such a plant!
  2. Yeah....when I firt started posting here I didn't, I was just growing a plant for my boyfriend......but now I do. I was never against it, but my parents would flat out disown me if they found out that I do lol They are veryyyy strict, I was never allowed to do anything when I was in high school (ever.) so I never had the chance to try it before, either (hehe I'm a loser)....Anyways, I love it, and I honestly think that if my parents tried it they'd love it too lol But yeah, I wish everyone I knew smoked, because to me it's the best way to hang out with people :D I also go out of my way to get pot much more than my boyfriend does now. Right now I've been out for a month because my boyfriend lost his job and I coulndn't afford it on my paycheck...but he's got a job now:D And I can buy some tomorrow :D I feel like a kid that just found out she's going to Disneyland :hello:
  3. Yeah I feel like smoking ganja is like nurturing your inner child since I never got shit as a kid I smoke everyday and I grow my own cause I never had any friends as a child now I spoil my innerchild cause I never got spoiled as a kid
  4. yeah 2 of my friends who were really against smoking ate some brownies with me and loved made me so happy to see my friends having as good a time as me
  5. yeah in my skool its just like that, EVERYONE smokes weed, or have tried it, there are only about 20 kids in my grade that never smoked before

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