Everyone needs to see this atleast once....

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  1. I'm sure there are many who've already seen this before... whether online, or on TV.

    This is from the Family Guy episode entitled, 'Episode 420', when Brian works towards the legalization of marijuana.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBbYDq9znUM&feature=related]YouTube - family guy - a bag of weed song[/ame] --- 'Bag of Weed'

    Quite stupid, but funny

    (Hey, isn't that Family Guy in a nutshell?? The stupedist shit ever that somehow winds up being the funniest shit ever??)
  2. that episode came on fox's line up last night,. i recorded that shit

  3. I know... thats what made me make the thread :smoke:

    I saw it on adult swim once too.
  4. I saw that episode last night and it made me wonder how anyone watches that show anymore, including myself.

  5. Care to elaborate?? If not then gtfo troll.
  6. Sorry for having a differing opinion. You see, the episode "fucking sucks", as do most other recent Family Guy episodes. Oh yeah, IMO.
  7. It's fine with me if you have a differing opinion. But when you shit up a thread meant to praise something with negative comments without giving a reason or explanation you are a god damn troll. Sorry.
  8. another reason to why family guy is one of the best !

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