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Everyone I know that tokes is a failure

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Well I just started toking and all the people I know that toke are stupid, steal, get angry easily and think lifes shit without weed (except like one or 2 people who are clever and toke like once a week) I dont want to become like those failures :(
  2. Like you're name, it's a decision you have to be able to live with or change. Can you or will you change for the better?
  3. cool story bro. then dont smoke because weed is bad for you and will ruin your life like it ruined mines my first hit of the devils plant turned me into a hobo. Sad story man :(

    Lol but seriously a failure is a failure by association . if you associate with these "failures" then hey guess what you are ?!
  4. People like lazing around and smoking pot. They're drawn to pot because it facilitates their already lethargic attitudes and behaviors. The key is to be responsible. If you can't handle that, then weed probably isn't for you.
    The biggest thing to remember is that weed is something special and should be treated as such. If you're high all the time, then what's the point? What's the change?
    If you're smoking so much that it adversely affects your quality of life, that's a problem.
    Just stay chill, and don't get carried away. Stay motivated and get outside a lot. Hang out with people in non-weed related situations too. Know that life is fun high and sober. You'll be fine, and if anything, the fact that you know people who couldn't handle it responsibly should inspire you to be a little bit more careful.
  5. Hmm thanks, how often is the "sensible" amount

  6. find out for yourself. I smoke weed everyday and don't get angry easily, steal, hate life without weed
    Sounds like you have a lot of misconceptions that only an experience could disillusion
  7. Thats all on you man. I smoke weed usually at least four times a week and still do fine in school along with keeping a steady job. Its all about keeping your priorities straight
  8. You just need some structure in your life.
  9. Hmm thanks, I think Ill study then bun :) Also has anyone used herbies, I have a few questions...
  10. Be patient young grasshopper. You are new to the smoking scene so you still have time to find your niche and avoid people who are "failures". Trust me when I say that there are smokers at both ends of the spectrum.

    When you are high more often than you are sober. Not counting time spent asleep.
  11. Oh thanks, yeah I avoid these people, infact I only hangout and smoke with one of my friends, all my others are ignorant to how safe weed is
  12. Also anyone orderd from herbies?
  13. everybody that i thought would be cool if they smoked in highschool, now smoke, and there much cooler

  14. contradictions...hmmm...<sniff sniff>..hmmm... ya...the scent of bacon doth protrude from OP's general direction...:wave:
  15. Huh????????
  16. Dont smoke cause then there's just more fo me
  17. Looooooool omfg i sound so stupid!!!!!!!!!! Idk man!!
  18. Those are weak minded people. They obviously smoke weed for the wrong reasons and you shouldn't be influenced by them. Just be smart about it dude, and don't waste all your money and don't let it take over your life. It's pretty simple.
  19. Could have been me being a nerd and all since childhood, but stoners I know/knew, were all pretty smart and very motivated/creative...not that I haven't met the 'loser' type, but they were 'losers' before they ever found mj/alcohol/other ...

    Lesson to learn: If you can't handle intoxicant's, don't use them. Plenty of other things to meditation to expand your mind (until the DEA catches on and makes it illegal too...) :wave:
  20. Hmm I think weed affects me differently, sometimes I feel like Im in a dream and keep waking up (so amazing :D) and feel like Im closer to nature, everythings clearer but sometimes I get paranoid :L what strains causes what??? also has anyone used herbies????

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