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  1. Nows the tipping point to get it legalized.
    The e-petitions need 100k signatures to be considered for debate.
    It currently has 111k signatures and 2 days left.
    Spread the link to anyone in the UK to get it signed.
    I know its past 100k, but the more people sign it, the more of an impact it will make.
    Its getting about 1k signatures an hours.
    Lets try and reach 200k

  2. I'm doing it right now!
  3. i decided to live in the UK for 10 minutes so i could help out ;)
  4. Signed this a while back, at least now it has to be debated in parliament.
  5. Signed, now hopefully when addressed in parliament people will gain more hope and drive this all the way to beautiful legality so I can open a coffeeshop in England!

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  6. we're so slow here, its like every politician is too scared to loose the votes of the scared grannys, or they have money in alcohol
  7. People need to wake! up its not the government directly. Its the pharmaceutical industry stopping weed. ok I will give you an example.
    how many paracetamol are sold in the world? The UK alone with an estimated 30 million packs sold each year, and lets say £3 a pack, and we all know the medicinal benefits of weed and so do the pharmaceutical companies. And that's just one drug ,do you think they will ever let it be legal in the UK? And its all down to the way Parliament works, if there is a law you don`t like or want to change or keep in place simply walk into Parliament with a brown paper bag with £100000 in it or give a couple of advisery roles on the board of a pharmaceutical company paying £50 grand a year, get a couple of bent MP`S on side job done.
    Remember Tony Blair declassified weed to class C didn`t last long the lobbyist were screaming blue murder their
    little back hander off  the <strong>pharmaceutical companies was gone.</strong>
  8. "As this e-petition has received more than 10 000 signatures, the relevant Government department have provided the following response:
    The Government has reviewed a range of reports including that produced by the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC), which the Government considered in detail. We welcomed the valuable contribution the HASC report makes to policy development and noted the positive responses in a number of areas.
    The level of acquisitive drug related crime and the need for a radical change in the way we tackle drug use and misuse is why the Government is implementing the most ambitious drug strategy to date with the ‘building recovery: supporting people to live a drug-free life' strand at its heart. As the Government noted in its response (http://www.official-documents.gov.uk/document/cm85/8567/8567.asp) to the HASC report, there are positive signs that our approach is working.
    We are however not complacent. We will continue to listen and learn from emerging trends, new evidence and international comparators to inform policy development.
    This e-petition remains open to signatures and will be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee should it pass the 100 000 signature threshold."
  9. BOLLOX!!!!!!!!

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