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Everyone, be careful

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by COskimag, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Just showing a little concern for all of you guys. I've been reading a bunch of the ignorant shit some of the members of this great community have been posting. Some times people can't handle the responsibilities that comes with partaking in the use of cannabis. It is harmless, and very beneficial, if you can handle yourself as an adult. There are some that somehow believe it makes them superior to, or above rules and laws just because you're doing something that may or may not be legal in your state. I was one of these people, and it progressed to something a lot worse, to where I'm now 29 years old, and wasted 6 years of my life in a prison with 4,000 other men, no air conditioning, in TEXAS HEAT. Michael Unit is no joke. Just looking out for some of you. Have fun and be safe.

  2. I feel like after weed is legalized entirely the goverment should pay you back your years salary for each year you spent in prison over a bit of ganja. They wouldnt do it though. They can take our time away from us so easily and not look back. But i gurantee you when it comes to the citizens of their country pushing for legalizing weed many will feel as if their jail time was simply a unfair and injustice punishment for smoking some ganja Sent from my C5155 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. I understand the responsibilities of smoking weed. Here in England, weed is fully illegal, and I don't see it changing any time soon (Hurry up America, legalise it more, our PM will follow!) So I know about the laws, and I also know about the effects short term and long term, I've done my research. I like to know what i'm smoking, and what the consequences are! To be honest, I'm not proud to say that i smoke weed. I will admit if asked, but other than that i don't mention it at all. Keep a cool cover, avoid the law...  :smoking: 
    I smoke weed recreationally, on my days off I like to have a wake and bake. Or if I have work, I have a spliff when I get home. I've recently passed my driving test, and now have to afford the upkeep of a car. I could be stupid and go out, buy a quarter and have a good few nights with my friends and not go to work, or I can pay for my car, get to work and back, earn some more money, and buy a 20 and enjoy that. Priorities are important, and weed shouldn't be at the top of the list. If it is, that's when I think you should stop and take a step back.
    So true man, completely agree with you. Moderation is the key to weed(and a lot of other things).... A little bit of weed in moderation never hurt anyone.
  5. No, it never did. When it's abused, bad things happen. But I put that down to how the person deals with it. Some people aren't mature enough to be responsible. I once bumped into a younger group of friends of mine, at a smoking spot around my village. They had been smoking all day, and one had had too much, and was popping a whitey. They all stood around and watched, as I helped the guy and made him feel better. They then had the cheek to tell me to stay where I was because they wanted to go to the shop! If I wasn't there, I don't know what state they would have left him in, I didn't know the guy, but a few days after he told me he'd never smoked it before, but they kept passing him spliffs, and he was having it and had too much, and they didnt seem to care. These people are the knd of people who abuse it, and give marijuana it's bad name!
  6. I feel you. After being locked up (charges unrelated to weed) I'm definitely more careful of when and where I smoke. I live in Cali now and weed laws are pretty lax compared to when I'm Florida. In Florida though get caught with a tiny ass roach...forget it your goin to jail. I love bud. But I do know my limits. If I have class or gotta go to work, I don't smoke. Period. Why? Because I know I won't get shit done. I smoke in my own confines to relax. Other people are different of course. I have a cousin in college who smokes everyday and finished out the semester with a 4.0 gpa. If you can handle it and function more power to ya !The key to anything is moderation. And that's what these lil kids gotta learn. All these teens smokin bud to get high on the daily is unnecessary. Yeah I smoked bud in high school but not everyday. You can thank these young dudes like Wiz Khalifa that brag about how much they smoke everyday blah blah blah. Ever since he blew up, all the kiddies jumped on the bandwagon and wanted to be just like him down to the clothes he wears, started smoking and the whole "I only smoke papers" trend. Everyone feels like they need to smoke bud when in fact, it's like everything else in this world, ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Most of these kids don't even enjoy weed; the taste, the high, the effects etc. but smoke it because everyone else does and because of the hype around it. Example people say "weed is so great, it makes everyday chores fun" or "when I smoke bud, Im a happier person" but it doesn't affect everyone that way. In fact for me it doesn't make chores any more fun maybe funny; hell, I do the rigorous work first then smoke so I don't have to do that shit. When some people smoke before so they have the drive to do work, chores etc. Does it make me a happier person? Not really not happy as if I was rollin off Molly or high off opiates I'm just more mellow and shits funnier. Everyone thinks it's gonna have the same effect on them and when they don't get those "productive results" people brag about, they just keep trying to be that hardcore smoke everyday stoner when they just can't face the fact that isn't for them OR the fact that they shouldn't smoke every single day.Like I said I love bud and all for the legalization of it especially as long as alcohol and cigs continue to stay on shelves. But I'm not gonna act like bud doesn't have its cons and negative side effects to the body and mind like most stoners try to say. Do what makes you happy though. If what you like to do isn't legal (but doesn't hurt anyone) just be safe and keep it in moderation. What you do in your confines is your problem.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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