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Everyday smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, May 19, 2010.

  1. Yeah. My highs are still great, but when it becomes an everyday thing you don't really notice it as much.
  2. nice, now you will be kicked off of this site.

  3. What's a HQ? I'm thinking half quarter, but why wouldn't you just say eighth?
  4. man i probly smoke 5 or 6 bowlpacks a day and i get baked every time.
    if you mostly smoke blunts you're probly already used to a larger amount of pine everytime you get high. i wouldnt smoke more than one blunt a day, i used to smoke blunts all day and that shit eventually wore me out. id crash on my bed and wake up randomly at like 3am. by the end of the day all your muscles will feel heavy, it does get old. but if you are thinkin bout smokin everyday use a bowl. it saves weed and you still get baked.
    and the when you let go of the carb on a big bowl it kills, much more than a blunt:smoking:
  5. i smoke every day. and when i wake and bake in the morning, its always really high as fuck walkin around and stuff..since its summer now, some of my friends willl come by and get me (DWI-weed. lost my license) and we'll drive around and see whats up and just smoke all day. its badass
    420lifestyle baby!
  6. I stay stoned.

    at all times.
  7. Hey Bro you wanna hit of this AIR? I heard it makes you like SOOOBERR and shit.
  8. Hmm,

    I don't feel the strong body effects like I used to. Only get heavier and such.

    I get sleepy a lot off smoking now:mad:
  9. I like to think about it as 3 Planes you can catch: the buzz, the high, or the baked flight. All the Marijuana effects and lfufk vary on the level of the high. With all that said, i never get any of the apprentice tokers effects just the seasoned toker ones. Itz all just different. In the end when your high you always get the best of it, so i don't complain.
  10. It helps me stimulate my mind. Hell, by noon today I was 2 blunts and a milk shot in. I'm going running shortly. I'm not tired, just high from that high grade (but not like super baked. I get super baked for 15-30 minutes fresh off the L) :smoking: It's my last day for a while, so I'm trying to enjoy the hell out of it!

  11. After a one gram blunt of mids, the first 30mins I'm pretty fucking blazed, and then for about an hour after that I have a good buzz going.

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