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Everyday smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, May 19, 2010.

  1. I've been wondering about this for quite a while, for somebody who tokes every single day, what is the high like? since i see people on GC always asking about how long their T-breaks and shit should be. I hope somebody can kind of describe it :D
  2. Its like a chill day. You just want to hang out and chill all day. Although im only 17 i smoke about 2-3 blunts a day and then go skateboarding after a lot. But your tolerance builds up a lot faster and it takes a lot to get me ripped now.
  3. I usually smoke on a daily basis but i have never noticed an increase in my tolerance. Me and my 3 friends usually smoke 2 - 3 fat joints a day and i ALWAYS gets completely ripped.

    Usually try to make a HQ last 3 days.
  4. ive been smoking almost everyday for about 4/5 years.. Im 18.. I use my vaporizer every day smoking pure medical buds.. you still get high but i feel somewhat fried and burntout, addicted and dependent on it but i always have it... also my mouth feels kinda nasty and i brush like 8 min in the morning. a few yellow teeth.. lol got caried away :smoke:
  5. I've talked to alot of people about the use of tolerance breaks and it would seem as though it can vary immensely from person to person.

    For me, Tolerance started taking very noticable effect after about a month of smoking everyday and quite a large amount.

    When i started smoking, it was with people who smoke everyday and lots of it. I would get like...rediculously high. Seriously, like i dont think people normally get this high even as first timers. It was highly enjoyable, but could be a bit scary if in a sketchy situation.

    However, after about a month, I began to notice that I couldn't get past a buzz that would last about 20 minutes and then leave me feeling very burnt out and tired dispite however much i smoked.

    I still smoke nearly everyday but will take the occasional 3-5 day break(which works extremely well for me) and limit myself to 1-2 joints worth a day. I also consume alot of water and green tea to help keep myself in a constant detox mode.

    So i suppose the answer would be that it's reduced to a level where you can still enjoy yourself, but you still have a reasonable amount of control over your thoughts. Finding a ballance where you know each time you smoke you will achieve a comfortable but satisfying high is the key.:smoke:
  6. I love smoking weed.
    I smoke weed all day everyday.
    Its a 420 lifestyle.
  7. So its basically like your just relaxed and nothing else?
  8. It depends on what kind of bud I have usually. I smoke everyday after work to wind down but if I have some shitty weed, I have to smoke a lot more to even feel anything and then it just makes me tired. If its some good dank, I'll get high within 10-15 mins, stay like that for a good hour or so, and then get sleepy.
    If I haven't smoked in a while (over a week, usually) then I get high and never sleepy. It just makes me feel tired and somewhat relaxed.

  9. LOL wrong move buddy :wave:
  10. Whats the point of it just makes you feel tired and somewhat relaxed? other than using it to sleep
  11. It's hilarious how many minors make an account, agree that their 18, and then post revealing there under 18 and get banned. :laughing::bongin:
  12. #12 c0c0nut, May 19, 2010
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
    Because the positives outweigh the negatives for me. I get soooo much better sleep when I smoke. I don't wake up in the middle of the night, I wake up feeling actually refreshed and ready to go, I think clearer during my work day.. And it helps me unwind for the most part after work.
  13. i usually vape everyday and i usually get high..It is not as long but is effective..But that could be because all i smoke is "the finest" around town..I don't NEED to smoke everyday, but i feel like school goes by a lot faster when you start the day out baked.

  14. Seriously the site warns you like 3 times before that you MUST be 18 to post, first post "Hey guys im 17...." baaaad idea haha.

    OT: I've been smoking everyday for awhile now and idk the high is hard to explain. I still get high obviously but for the most part i get pretty sleepy now but i think that might also have to do with me only smoking before bed for 5 months. So i think my body got used to the smoke, bowl of cereal, bed time.
  15. The exact thing happened to me recently. I only smoked before bed for a a few months and then every time I smoked my body thought "Usually when this happens I knock out"

  16. Exactly, i had a nightly ritual haha that went like so. Gbong, tv or something for an hour, bowl of cereal then bed. It sucks cause when i'd smoke with a group when i'd talk i would mumble because i was so damn tired. Gettin better though been smoking a lot more in during the day lately. and now summer coming up :smoke:
  17. seriously?
  18. Smoking weed every day just basically mellows everything out. It makes everything in the day more enjoyable. Then I come down around 11:30 at work and then just take a lunch break and enjoy the rest of the day. Then get home, smoooooke.
  19. I think the high is exactly the same, minus the bit that the tolerance takes off, but since you smoke everyday I think you just get used to it.
    Like for example, being sober is stranger than being high for me since i'm probably high more time than i am sober :rolleyes:
  20. Yeah i wouldnt say the high gets 'worse', you just get used to it and it almost becomes normal..

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