Everybody wants to kill thier wife, Everybody wants to end thier life..

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    Wow... Todays been one of the most fucked up days in a LONG time.

    Wake up round 10:30 in the morning to a phone call, Now check this.

    My aunts in the hopstial right... For attempted suicide.

    Bitch ate a bottle of tylenol/advil or some shit.

    I fuckin hate my aunt like you wouldnt understand so it jus pissed me off more then anything.

    SHes a fuckin crack whore worthless peice of shit.

    But yeah, Wonderful start to my day...

    Get to work right, Find out my homeboys in the security room being interrogatted. Now keep in my mind my other homeboy got fired about 3-4 days ago.

    So i heard this shit and i was like fuck main, Was mad worried cuz hes one of the hardest workers there main.

    So i see him walkin back with a big boss and i knew then, Hes gone.

    I was like FUCK!

    Then i go over to that department where they work cuz i work in a different one, FInd out yep, Hes fired. No one knew why yet, We thought it was over some fraud shit that had happened.

    Well then right after this my homie gets called back there right, And this ***** ive known about 7 fuckin years so i trusted dude.

    Well he goes back there, Comes back and is straight.

    Later on tho, He gets sent back there.


    He didnt admit it, But turns out ***** RATTED on dude who got fired first, Ratted on himself and ratted on another dude.

    He ratted thinkin he wouldnt lose his job cuz jus like police these people will lie to get the answers they want.

    So this shit is over stolen property and fraud.

    ***** then goes and tells him my homie who got fired first was sellin weed DAILY, ANd not small time said hes sellin a good QP a day up there which was MAJOR bullshit, ***** isnt a dealer and has brought a few 20's and qtr's up there but shit who hasnt ya know.

    I heard that and was so pissed, ANd he ratted about the fraud and everytrhing.

    My homie of 7 years ratted bout all this fuckin shit.

    You dont rat period, Fuckin period.

    My cuz is doin a 20 year bid because he wouldnt talk.

    If ole boy didnt talk NOBODY woulda got fired, They wouldnt have KNOWN SHIT.

    FUck im pissed/stressed.
  2. Damn man. that sucks big time bro. got some nug to ease the stress or sumthing?
  3. Yo man. Smoke a fatty blunt. Then start thinking of how you will solve this. Find the location of this fool and fuck him up.
  4. I'm sorry man. I also have an aunt with suicidal thoughts and one side of the family with quite a bit of problems I don't really wish to discuss. I know how you feel. Just keep on keepin' on man. Keep reppin' that D too bro.
  5. what a fucking mess....hang in there man

  6. man, you always got so much shit goin down, and thats just what we hear about in your posts, it really makes me think how good i got sum shit. i mean by no means am i well off, but you got so much shit in your likfe i dont know how you deal and keep your cool man. so much respect for you its crazy.
  7. damn dude your life seems stressful always got something going on
  8. Considering these events really don't directly affect your life, i just say fuck em and move on.
  9. I hope you weren't involved in the scam that got your two friends fired.

    If you were, or if you've been doing anything that might prompt the people in charge to question you, it might be a good idea to start looking for another job.

    Otherwise, keep your nose clean and hang in there.

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