Every blade should try this

Discussion in 'General' started by Peter Griffin, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. hmm thats interesting never thought of this....added on "to do list"
  2. If I find a place where nobody else goes, hell yeah id do it.
  3. If I don't fall asleep.
  4. I don't think it'd be possible to fall asleep immediately after smoking a j. My mind would be racing
  5. hmmmmm damn...this sounds like something to try out.
  6. I think i'd be too paranoid lol
  7. That was my first time smoking but with friends, when I opened my eyes it change the way I perceive life to this day. When I opened my eyes from those short 5 mins, was the first time I opened my eyes to the real world. Hella fucking worth it.

    Mary wanna made me grow up ^_^
  8. i think id be sketched that something or someone will come and see me haha
  9. Man I cant believe I have never done this before. Thanks for the idea :D
  10. intriguing. the problem i see with my self though is after half a joint of dank my hand cant find my face without my eyes open... but i will try it none the less
  11. have done it before, its fuckn heavy to say the least. you get so comfy and used to having your eyes closed that when you open them you cream your pants. so bring underwear.
  12. i used to do this when smoking in the woods, it would make you feel at one with yourself and a peace with your surroundings. its very relaxing.
  13. Ya I would probably be too uncomfortable to enjoy it. I guess its one thing laying in bed with my eyes closed smoking.
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    Can I try this with a blunt? I dont like jays much Peter, I dont like jays!

    Was thinking, ive never smoked with my eyes closed the whole time. Sounds exciting and sketch. Gonna find my "comfy-zone" and prolly fall asleep and die in a housefire :laughing:
  15. sounds cool. ill report back with my results. i have a big, awsome feild by my house that is practically mine, so this should work quite nicely
  16. How do you tell when to stop hitting it without opening your eyes? :eek:

  17. Really? you use your eyes to figure out when to stop your hits? Not your lungs?

    Ohh or like when the fuckers done? I didnt mean to come off dickishh :)

  18. when the J starts burning your fingers. when the bowl scoobs on you.
  19. Subbed because i want to do this in my room after t-break with some tunes on and a 2g purp blunt.

    And you stop hitting it when it burns ur fingers or you taste more paper/leaf than weed.

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