Everly (2014)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dizzy, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. My husband bought this movie this morning and we going to watch it tonight after the kids go to bed and also while we getting high lbvs. Anyway I've read the description on the back and it looks like a amazing film. Salma Hayek is the main star in it. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this and if you thought it was a good movie (No Spoilers tho plz) I will tell you what I thought of it tomorrow.

  2. Dead Man: That's a lot of dead whores.

    Everly: Tell Taiko he can lick my balls.

    Er you got me Dizzy.. besides way to voilent for me ...lol
    let us know
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  3. This movie was wild af!!! @vostok I can see what you mean about it being really violent lbvs. The part with the acid on the one bad guy was savage too. It was a good film tho lol my husband loves those kind of movies.

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  4. Calm him down... buy in a Tarintino or Wrestling movie ...lol
    (I'm still catching up on TV, watching: Band of Bros, Knightfall,
    startrek TNG(1994?) and the best Chernobyl ..)

    catch ya
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  5. Lol @vostok You Must Did Some Diggin BC I Totally Forgot I Made This Thread. Are You Going To Watch The Movie An Let Me Know What You Think Of It?

  6. @RMJL Can You Delete This Extra Thread When You Get The Times Please?


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